IG Group offers commission free ETF trading to ISA accounts during March and April

Mar 1st, 2017 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Online financial trading platform IG Group has announced it is offering commission-free trading on all ETFs to investors with an IG Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA) during March and April.

IG Group offers commission free ETF trading to ISA accounts during March and April

IG Group is offering commission-free ETF trading for new or existing ISA accounts during March and April.

The offer allows new and existing customers to trade commission-free from a range of more than 1,200 ISA eligible ETFs including equities, sectors, commodities, bonds and currencies exposures.

Ian Peacock, Head of UK and Ireland at IG Group, commented: “This is a simple way for investors to invest in an index, asset class or sector, while also ensuring returns aren’t being eroded by high fees or hidden charges. ISA’s are a critical part of ones savings and investments strategy. It is not only important to start saving early but also to invest in a diversified way to ensure your goals are met.”

By running between March and April, investors are able to take advantage of commission free trading in both this tax year and next. Standard charges will apply after 30 April.

IG is also preparing to launch a discretionary managed investments service, in partnership with BlackRock. The company received its licence for this service in January 2017 and will initially offer a range of passive ETF-based portfolios composed exclusively with low-cost iShares ETFs.

The low cost and transparent nature of ETFs makes these products ideal building blocks for an investment portfolio offering diversification across geographies, asset classes and sectors,” said Peacock. “IG are offering commission free ETF trading to support this belief and will imminently launch IG Smart Portfolios, a range of pre-constructed risk graded ETF portfolios to suit investors needs in partnership with Blackrock.”

Commission charges are generally £5 per trade for ISA accounts. IG Group does not charge exit fees for any of its investment accounts.

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