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STOXX adjusts capping rule for DAX indices

STOXX adjusts capping rule for DAX indices

STOXX has announced a significant change in the capping rule for the DAX index family, leading benchmarks for the performance of German equities.

Ben McMillan, Chief Investment Officer at IDX Shares

IDX debuts risk-managed innovation ETF

IDX Shares has launched a new actively managed ETF in the US providing risk-managed exposure to the technological innovation investment theme.

DWS unveils target-maturity euro corporate bond ETFs

DWS unveils target-maturity euro corporate bond ETFs

DWS has launched a suite of target-maturity fixed income ETFs in Europe comprising ESG-screened portfolios of euro-denominated corporate bonds.

Greg Friedman, Head of ETF Management and Strategy at Fidelity Investments

Fidelity converts six mutual funds to active ETFs

Fidelity Investments has transformed six of its mutual funds into fully transparent ETFs, each offering core equity exposure enhanced through an active multi-factor investment approach.

SoFi launches ‘option spread’ income ETF

SoFi launches ‘credit spread’ option income ETF

SoFi Technologies has launched a new actively managed ETF designed to provide a high level of income that is not tied to conventional sources of yield.

Fixed Income

BondBloxx plans tax-aware short-duration ETF

Tony Kelly, co-Founder of BondBloxx Investment Management

BondBloxx Investment Management is lining up a new active short-duration fixed income ETF that will be managed to minimize tax impacts.

Amplify partners with Samsung on short-duration income ETF

Amplify partners with Samsung AM on SOFR income ETF

Amplify ETFs has launched a new fund in partnership with Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management, offering access to an institutional-grade cash management strategy that seeks to deliver a return matching the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR).


Leverage Shares rolls out low-cost commodity ETCs on LSE

Oktay Kavrak, Product Strategy at Leverage Shares

Leverage Shares has introduced a suite of ETCs on London Stock Exchange providing low-cost exposure to four of the world’s most traded commodities: West Texas Intermediate crude oil, Brent oil, natural gas, and copper.

USCF launches aluminum commodity ETF

Aluminum is a remarkably versatile metal and a fundamental component in a multitude of industries.

United States Commodity Funds has expanded its line-up of single commodity ETFs with a new fund that aims to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for aluminum.

Alternatives / Multi-Asset

Simplify blends US equities and alternatives in latest ETF

David Berns, co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Simplify Asset Management

Simplify Asset Management has launched a new ETF combining core US equities exposure with a diverse array of quantitative investment strategies.

21Shares, ARK Invest unveil suite of active crypto ETFs

21Shares, ARK unveil suite of active crypto ETFs

21Shares has teamed up with ARK Investment Management to launch a series of US-listed ETFs providing actively managed exposure to leading crypto assets by way of futures contracts.


First Trust unveils global quality income ETF

First Trust unveils global quality income ETF

First Trust Advisors has introduced an ETF in the US providing actively managed exposure to a global portfolio of high-quality, income-producing securities.

DWS launches thematic ETF on critical technologies

Arne Noack, Head of Systematic Investment Solutions, Americas at DWS

DWS has introduced a new thematic equity ETF targeting companies developing key technologies that support the interests of the US and its allies.

GMO’s ETF debut features flagship US quality strategy

Jeremy Grantham, co-founder and Long-Term Investment Strategist at GMO

GMO, the $60 billion Boston-based investment firm founded by Jeremy Grantham, has launched its first ETF, an active fund that taps into the firm’s flagship strategy of investing in high-quality US equities.

ETF and Index News

WisdomTree debuts seven ETFs on Euronext Paris

Alexis Marinof, Head of WisdomTree Europe

WisdomTree has expanded its presence in Europe by listing its first UCITS ETFs on Euronext Paris, strengthening the firm’s commitment to French and Benelux investors.

Morgan Stanley rolls out five new active ETFs

Morgan Stanley rolls out five new active ETFs

Morgan Stanley Investment Management has broadened its US-listed ETF line-up with the introduction of five new actively managed ETFs.

TCW enters ETF market with Engine No. 1 acquisition

Katie Koch, President and CEO of TCW

TCW Group, the $210 billion California-based asset manager, has marked its entry into the US ETF space with the acquisition of Engine No. 1’s ‘Transform’ ETF platform.