Boost and Interactive Investor unveil commission-free trading offer

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Boost, a provider of short and leveraged exchange-traded products (ETPs), has teamed up with Interactive Investor, an online retail stockbroker and personal finance site, to facilitate commission-free trading of the firm’s ETP line-up.

Boost and Interactive Investor unveil commission-free trading offer

Interactive Investor customers normally pay up to £10 per trade.

Interactive Investor customers normally pay up to £10 per trade, but as of 12 December 2013 through to 31 March 2014 will be able to trade Boost’s products for free.

Founded in 1995, Interactive Investor combines financial news with an execution-only brokerage service enabling its users to trade and invest directly from the site.

Boost believes that a free trading promotion will help educate active and sophisticated traders as to the benefits of short and leveraged ETPs.

Alongside the free trading offer, the two firms will provide educational materials including videos, fact sheets and other tools.

Mike McCudden, Head of Advanced Products at Interactive Investor, said: “We believe that with the increasing popularity of ETPs the Boost range of products offers savvy investors the opportunity to hedge or speculate, using leverage where appropriate, on intra-day price movements without exposing themselves through the riskier range of instruments such as CFDs or Traded Options.”

Hector McNeil, Co-CEO of Boost, added: “Education is the key to continuing the spectacular growth of ETPs to all customer groups. Alongside Interactive Investor we will provide some of the most comprehensive investor educational tools available. This will involve generic ETF and ETP education and specific education on short and leveraged ETPs.”

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