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Loncar launches China BioPharma ETF

Aug 16th, 2018 | By
Loncar Investments launches China BioPharma ETF

Loncar Investments has announced the launch of the Loncar China BioPharma ETF (CHNA US) on Nasdaq Exchange. The fund tracks an index that covers equities of firms operating in China’s rapidly developing biopharmaceutical industry.

KraneShares repurposes emerging markets plus ETF

Jul 17th, 2018 | By
KraneShares makes changes to emerging markets plus ETF

KraneShares, a New York-based China-focused ETF issuer, has announced significant changes to the KraneShares FTSE Emerging Markets Plus ETF (KEMP US), including a new index, name, listing venue and ticker.

KraneShares launches China USD high-yield bond ETF

Jul 2nd, 2018 | By
Invesco rolls out synthetic large and mid-cap China A-share ETFs

KraneShares, a New-York based China-focused ETF issuer, has launched the KraneShares CCBS China Corporate High Yield Bond USD Index ETF (KCCB US). Listed on NYSE Arca, the fund provides exposure to US dollar-denominated high-yield debt issued by Chinese companies.

Global X launches Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF

Apr 20th, 2018 | By
Jay Jacobs, Head of Research and Strategy at Global X.

Global X has launched the Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF (DRIV US) on Nasdaq, the sixth and latest addition to its thematic technology suite of ETFs. “Electric and autonomous vehicles are poised to have one of the most profound impacts on society since the industrial revolution, affecting a wide range of sectors in ways that we’ve only just begun to imagine,” said Jay Jacobs, director of research at Global X.

CICC and Krane launch China internet ETF

Apr 9th, 2018 | By
CICC KraneShares CSI China Internet Index ETF is now listed on SEHK.

China International Capital Corporation and Krane Funds Advisors have launched their first joint ETF, the CICC KraneShares CSI China Internet Index ETF. Listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, the ETF offers investors exposure to Chinese internet companies.

Innovation Shares unveils NextGen Vehicles & Technology ETF

Feb 13th, 2018 | By
Innovation Shares unveils NextGen Vehicles & Technology ETF (EKAR)

Innovation Shares, a sponsor of thematic ETFs, has unveiled the Innovation Shares NextGen Vehicles & Technology ETF (EKAR US) on the NYSE Arca. The fund uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) stock selection approach to track the global electric and driverless vehicles market.

KraneShares launches thematic ETF tracking electric vehicle industry

Jan 24th, 2018 | By
KraneShares launches thematic ETF tracking electric vehicle industry

KraneShares, a New York-based China-focused ETF issuer, has launched the KraneShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF (KARS US) on NYSE Arca, providing thematic exposure to the fast-growing electric vehicle industry and the technologies shaping the future of transportation.

KraneShares releases further commentary on China Environment ETF

Nov 16th, 2017 | By
Jonathan Krane, CEO of KraneShares.

KraneShares has released further commentary on its recently launched thematic ETF – the KraneShares MSCI China Environment ETF (KGRN US) – which provides access to Chinese companies involved in producing environmentally beneficial products and services. Speaking about the investment case for the ETF, Jonathon Krane, CEO of KraneShares, said, “We believe Chinese companies focused on contributing to a more environmentally sustainable economy may potentially benefit from this focused initiative.”

Solactive EM consumer technology index to underlie new KraneShares ETF

Oct 25th, 2017 | By
Avantis adds emerging markets ESG ETF

Frankfurt-based index provider Solactive has launched the Solactive Emerging Markets Consumer Technology Index, providing exposure to the growing role of internet technology and e-commerce in emerging markets. The index will underlie a new ETF launched by KraneShares on the NYSE Arca.

KraneShares launches China Environment ETF

Oct 13th, 2017 | By
KraneShares launches China Environment ETF

KraneShares has launched the KraneShares MSCI China Environment ETF (NYSE Arca: KGRN). The ETF provides exposure to companies in China’s fast-growing environmental protection industry that has rapidly grown to be the largest renewable energy market in the world.