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Global X rolls out three income-enhanced US sector ETFs

Nov 23rd, 2022 | By
Rohan Reddy, Director of Research at Global X

Global X has expanded its suite of covered call strategies with three new ETFs targeting the financials, health care, and information technology sectors of the S&P 500.

DWS rolls out three ESG-enhanced US equity style ETFs

Nov 15th, 2022 | By
Arne Noack, Head of Systematic Investment Solutions, Americas at DWS.

DWS has launched a trio of new ETFs in the US providing ESG-tailored exposure to US equities with growth, value, or sustainable dividend characteristics.

Innovator launches S&P 500 ‘Managed Floor’ ETF

Nov 15th, 2022 | By
Innovator launches S&P 500 ‘Managed Floor’ ETF

Innovator Capital Management, known for its suite of defined outcome ETFs, has launched a new fund that seeks to offer uncapped US equity upside while limiting maximum potential loss.

VictoryShares launches US sector rotation ETF

Oct 17th, 2022 | By
Mannik DhVictoryShares launches three actively managed ESG ETFsillon, President, VictoryShares

Victory Capital has launched a new actively managed ETF providing exposure to a seasoned US sector rotation strategy.

Amundi rolls out ESG-enhanced global sector ETFs

Oct 13th, 2022 | By
Arnaud Llinas, Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta at Amundi

Amundi has unveiled a comprehensive and cost-competitive suite of socially responsible global sector ETFs on Deutsche Börse Xetra.

NightShares launches ETF for leveraged nocturnal trading

Oct 10th, 2022 | By
Interactive Brokers launches overnight trading for select US-listed ETFs

NightShares has unveiled its third ETF, a US large-cap equity fund providing leveraged exposure to the “Night Effect”.

Strive unveils anti-ESG US large-cap ETF

Sep 20th, 2022 | By
Strive unveils anti-ESG US large-cap ETF

Strive Asset Management has introduced its second ETF, a broad US large-cap equity fund that carries the firm’s hallmark anti-ESG disposition.

KraneShares launches Asian ‘Dividend Aristocrats’ ETF

Sep 20th, 2022 | By
Brendan Ahern, CIO at KraneShares

KraneShares has launched a new income-focused ETF in the US targeting Asia-based companies offering sustainable dividends.

ConvexityShares debuts two US equity volatility ETFs

Aug 18th, 2022 | By
ConvexityShares debuts two US equity volatility ETFs

Newly minted ETF issuer ConvexityShares has made its debut with the introduction of two funds that are aimed at helping sophisticated investors manage the volatility of US equities.

Argent debuts actively managed US mid-cap ETF

Aug 18th, 2022 | By
Kirk McDonald, Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst, Quantitative Investments at Argent Capital Management.

Missouri-based Argent Capital Management has debuted its first ETF, an actively managed fund seeking opportunities within US mid-cap equities.