AdvisorShares partners with Sunrise Capital on actively managed multi-strategy ETF

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AdvisorShares, a US-based sponsor of actively managed exchange-traded funds, has launched a new fund in partnership with Sunrise Capital Management, a quantitative asset management firm specializing in alternative investments.

AdvisorShares partners with Sunrise Capital on actively managed multi-strategy ETF

Chris Stanton, portfolio manager and chief investment officer of Sunrise Capital.

Listed on the Nasdaq stock market, which is fast becoming the home of active ETFs, the AdvisorShares Sunrise Multi-Strategy ETF (MULT) seeks to provide long-term total returns through a multi-model and multi-strategy quantitative investment approach by tactically investing both long and short through a variety of asset classes using ETFs, futures, foreign currencies and US Treasuries.

The approach is designed to be agnostic to the economic environment, across all financial markets including global equity, bond and currency. By doing so, the fund continually assesses over 50 global markets using a suite of diversified systems that concentrate on trend following, sector rotation, momentum, and reversionary patterns.

Chris Stanton, portfolio manager and chief investment officer of Sunrise Capital, said: “At Sunrise Capital, we believe that the collective intrinsic intelligence of markets exists within accessible data. Using our non-correlated investment blend, which aggregates a family of strategies across multiple markets in real-time – and given the depth of our 35-year quantitative investment experience – we are confident in our ability to grow investment capital and dynamically manage risk. As the alternative landscape expands among 40-Act Funds, we feel investors and financial advisors seeking diversification for their portfolios could discover MULT to be a compelling offering due to its disciplined investment strategy and actively managed ETF structure.”

Noah Hamman, CEO of AdvisorShares, commented: “We are pleased to bring another compelling actively managed ETF offering on Nasdaq OMX. With Sunrise Capital Management serving as MULT’s portfolio manager, we believe that we’re providing yet another compelling alternative investment solution from a manager with an established expertise – all through the daily transparency, intra-day liquidity and overall efficiency of an actively managed ETF for financial advisors and investors to access through.”

Dave LaValle, Head of Exchange Traded Product Listings at Nasdaq OMX, added: “As a home to the world’s most innovative ventures, Nasdaq OMX generates opportunities for issuers to access new markets and deliver new concepts that change the way the industry develops, manages and applies exchange-traded products. We are thrilled to list MULT with our good partners at AdvisorShares and we appreciate their confidence in choosing the Nasdaq marketplace for ETFs.”

The fund has a net expense ratio of 1.89%.

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