RYZZ Capital debuts with managed futures ETF

Mar 15th, 2019 | By | Category: Alternatives / Multi-Asset

RYZZ Capital Management has launched its debut ETF, the actively managed RYZZ Managed Futures Strategy Plus ETF (RYZZ US) on NYSE Arca.

Jason Gerlach, managing partner of RYZZ Capital Management

Jason Gerlach, Managing Partner of RYZZ Capital Management, and CEO and Founder of Sunrise Capital Partners.

The fund is sub-advised by Sunrise Capital Partners, an investment management firm specialising in hedge fund strategies.

According to Jason Gerlach, Managing Partner of RYZZ Capital Management, the fund aims to provide an absolute return in all market conditions by combining a core equity portfolio with a managed futures strategy consisting of equity index and VIX futures.

The core portfolio will typically exhibit a net-long bias and may invest globally including within emerging markets.

The complementary managed futures strategy, however, may contain both long and short exposures and may result in a net fund exposure that is between 150% short and 250% long.

The ETF will implement these offensive or defensive strategies using proprietary quantitative models that seek to identify repeatable price and volatility patterns.

Gerlach, who is also CEO and Founder of Sunrise Capital Partners, notes that the fund seeks to offer a relatively low correlation to the overall economic environment as well as to more traditional index-based and long-only investment strategies. It may, however, also provide upside potential during difficult market conditions.

The ETF comes with a relatively pricey expense ratio of 0.99%.

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