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VictoryShares introduces ‘Veteran Employers’ and ‘Protect America’ ETFs

Nov 10th, 2020 | By
VictoryShares introduces 'Veteran Employers' and 'Protect America' ETFs

VictoryShares has introduced a pair of thematic equity ETFs that are likely to resonate with US investors of a patriotic bent.

Invesco doubles down on Nasdaq dominance with ‘QQQ Innovation’ suite

Oct 14th, 2020 | By
Invesco doubles down on Nasdaq dominance with 'QQQ Innovation' suite

Invesco has launched two new Nasdaq-focused ETFs in the US that complement QQQ, its $145 billion Nasdaq 100 ETF. They include the Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQM US), a lower-cost Nasdaq 100 tracker, and Invesco Nasdaq Next Gen 100 ETF (QQQJ US), which targets mid-cap companies outside of the top 100.

VictoryShares launches Nasdaq Q-50 ETF

Sep 11th, 2020 | By
Mannik Dhillon, President, VictoryShares

VictoryShares has launched an ETF that provides exposure to stocks that are next in line for inclusion in the Nasdaq-100 Index.