Vanguard expands educational website for advisers

Oct 28th, 2013 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Vanguard Asset Management, a leading provider of index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, has extended its educational website for advisors with the launch of six new modules.

Vanguard expands educational website for advisers

Neil Cowell, Head of Retail Sales at Vanguard.

The new modules, each of which includes a video tutorial, topical guide and quiz, focus on understanding, planning for and monitoring the client advice process.

Each module features an online test, which will qualify the adviser for a CPD certificate.

The site has garnered strong interest among advisers, with Vanguard reporting more than 16,000 visits to the site since its launch in October 2012.

The site launched with a suite of modules aimed at helping advisors use ETFs.

The new modules are as follows:

  • An introduction: Thriving under RDR
    Designed to help advisers thrive in a fee based world, by building business value and managing business risk
  • Know your client: From adviser to trusted partner
    Designed to help advisers know their clients, by understanding clients’ life goals, not just financial goals
  • Develop an investment plan for your client
    Designed to help advisers develop the plan, by evaluating client data to write an effective investment plan
  • Portfolio construction: A top-down approach
    Designed to help advisers construct a portfolio, by developing a successful approach to portfolio construction, based on a five-step approach
  • Implement the investment plan for your client
    Designed to help advisers implement the plan, by navigating the outsourcing versus in-house investment decision
  • Monitor progress: Keeping the plan on track
    Designed to help advisers monitor and review, by measuring client progress against goals and required rate of return

Neil Cowell, Head of Retail Sales at Vanguard Asset Management, said: “The end of commission is transforming how advisers give investment advice. We’ve developed to provide practical guidance and showcase how successful fee-based advisers, both here and abroad, deliver advice that adds real value to their clients.  Our initial modules received such positive feedback that we have responded to adviser requests to give practical guidance covering the entire advice process.”

He added: “At Vanguard, we believe that today’s adviser should be a financial coach, helping clients establish and achieve their life goals. The modules released today will help advisers build a world-class investment advice process. Our aim is to equip advisers with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to thrive, not just survive, in a fee-based world.”

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