UBS lists new ETF share classes on SIX

Jul 26th, 2017 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

UBS has listed new shares classes for two of its ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange. The ETFs are the UBS ETF MSCI Canada UCITS ETF (SIX: CANA) and the UBS ETF MSCI Japan UCITS ETF (SIX: JPNA). Both new share classes will reinvest any income received from dividends and will supplement existing share classes that distribute dividends.

UBS lists new ETF share classes on SIX

The equity ETFs track MSCI indices giving exposure to Canada and Japan respectively.

CANA tracks the MSCI Canada Index. The fund has CAD528 million in assets with a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.33%. The ETF trades in Canadian dollars, is physically replicated and will reinvest income. UBS already offers a share class that distributes income, launched on SIX in October 2014 (Ticker: CANUKD).

In addition, UBS offers a synthetically replicated ETF that also tracks the MSCI Canada Index that has a slightly lower fee of 0.28% and trades in euros on Borsa Italiana and Deutsche Borse, and in Britsh pounds on London Stock Exchange and in Canadian dollars on SIX.

JPNA tracks the MSCI Japan Index. The ETF trades in Japanese yen and is physically replicated. Total assets of the fund stand at ¥111 billion (approximately $99bn) and the TER is 0.35%. The fund already has distributing shares classes, launched in 2001, listed in euros on Borsa Italiana and Deutsche Borse, in Britsh pounds and US dollars on London Stock Exchange, and in Swiss francs, British pounds and Japenese yen on SIX.

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