UBS ETFs make record-breaking London Stock Exchange debut

Jul 1st, 2012 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

UBS has built on its position as one of the leading and fastest-growing ETF providers in Europe by rolling out a comprehensive range of ETFs on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The range includes access to 66 ETF share classes, replicating 40 indices across equities, fixed income and alternatives.

UBS ETFs make record-breaking London Stock Exchange debut

UBS has listed an extensive range of ETFs on the LSE.

Commenting on the launch, Clemens Reuter, Head of UBS ETFs, said: “The London listing reinforces our commitment to the UK market and brings UBS’s wide range of ETFs to this important financial centre. The LSE is one of the largest and fastest-growing exchanges in Europe and we are delighted to list our ETFs here.

“With our ETF range we aim to add value for UK investors by providing tools and building blocks for effective portfolio management. Our ETFs are designed as asset management products, ranging from core holdings to ‘satellite’ strategies.”

UBS, which has been managing physical ETFs since 2001, is offering both physical and swap-based ETFs, allowing clients to choose the model with which they feel most comfortable and which best suits their investment needs.

UBS is also offering two separate share classes with different fee levels – ‘A’ shares for private clients, which charge the standard fee, and ‘I’ shares for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, which come with a discounted fee in return for a higher minimum investment.

The London launch represents a significant expansion for the Zurich, Switzerland-headquartered bank which is already active across much of Europe with ETF listings on Xetra, SIX Swiss Exchange, Borsa Italiana, Börse Stuttgart and Nasdaq OMX. Across its entire range, UBS has over £7.1 billion in ETF assets.

With a total of 66 ETFs – a figure which includes both the ‘A’ and ‘I’ share classes – the UBS launch is the largest one-time ETF listing in the history of the LSE.

Pietro Poletto, Head of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) at London Stock Exchange Group, said: “We are delighted to welcome UBS as a new issuer of ETFs on the London Stock Exchange. This is the largest listing of ETFs that London has seen in one day, and takes the total number of exchange traded products listed here to over 1,000. They will offer investors access to a huge range of underlyings, and they will trade in Europe’s most liquid ETF marketplace.”

Since the launch of London’s first ETF in 2000, the LSE range of ETPs has grown to include 644 ETFs, 316 ETCs and 46 ETNs. The 1,006 products are offered by 17 separate issuers and provide investors with exposure to a wide range of indices encompassing European, American, Asian and emerging market equity and fixed income markets, as well as commodities and alternatives.

Poletto added: “When we look at Exchange Traded Products over the last twelve years we see a fantastic story of growth and diversification. There are now over a thousand products traded on LSE, offering investors instant, flexible exposure to a vast range of underlyings including benchmark indices, emerging markets, equities, bonds, oil, metals, livestock and currencies.”

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