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The rising importance of dividends when earnings slow

Dec 31st, 2019 | By
Kieran Kirwan, Director, Investment Strategy at ProShares.

By Kieran Kirwan, Director, Investment Strategy at ProShares.

Through November 15, 2019, 92% of the S&P 500 constituents have announced earnings, and investors have been paying close attention. Most companies that have reported thus far have exceeded estimates, which had in many instances been guided lower. On the surface, this is, of course, positive news. But when looking for year-over-year growth, a different story begins to emerge.

ProShares expands suite of dividend growth ETFs

Nov 8th, 2019 | By
ProShares launches S&P 500 daily covered call ETF

ProShares has expanded its suite of dividend growth ETFs with the launch of two new funds on Cboe BZX: the ProShares S&P Technology Dividend Aristocrats ETF (TDV US), which focuses on dividend growers within the US technology sector; and the ProShares Russell US Dividend Growers ETF (TMDV US), which explores the broad US stock market. Michael Sapir, co-founder and CEO of ProShare Advisors, commented, “Consistent dividend growth may be one of the best indicators of a company’s health. We are committed to offering this powerful strategy across a broad array of market caps, geographies and sectors.”

Charles Schwab and Vanguard see massive inflows into US TIPS ETFs

Aug 29th, 2019 | By
Bridges Capital debuts US equity ETF guided by monetary policy

Two US-listed ETFs providing exposure to Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) are enjoying significant demand as investors position their portfolios to withstand the effects of future interest rate cuts.

Inverse retail ETF lifted as bricks-and-mortar stores crumble

Aug 21st, 2019 | By
ProShares Online Retail ETF

The ProShares Decline of the Retail Store ETF (EMTY US) is the top-performing US-listed equity ETF over the past month (as of 20 August 2019), posting a gain of 12.0%. The fund, which provides inverse exposure to traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers in the US, has profited from ongoing problems in the sector including the effects of trade tariffs, slowing global growth, and the structural trend favouring online competitors.

Krane Funds Advisors launches smart beta US dividend ETFs

Jun 14th, 2019 | By
Roundhill launches US ‘Dividend Monarchs’ ETF

Krane Funds Advisors, best known for its KraneShares-branded suite of China-focused ETFs, has broadened its capabilities beyond the Asian giant with the launch of two smart beta ETFs on NYSE Arca providing exposure to domestic US stocks with sustainable dividends.

ProShares to shut trio of ETFs

Jun 5th, 2019 | By
ProShares to shut gold miners and HY credit ETFs

ProShares, a US-based ETF sponsor specializing in inverse and leveraged products, has announced the upcoming closure of three of its ETFs: GDXX, GDXS and WYDE.

ProShares launches inverse & leveraged Communication Services sector ETFs

Jan 17th, 2019 | By
Ben Fulton, Managing Director of ProShares’ tactical products business.

ProShares has launched four new ETFs on NYSE Arca, providing a range of leveraged and inverse leveraged exposures to the newly minted Communications Services sector of the S&P 500 Index. “ProShares is committed to providing knowledgeable investors with a comprehensive set of tools for tactical investing,” said Ben Fulton, Managing Director of ProShares’ tactical products business.

ProShares launches first pet care ETF

Nov 6th, 2018 | By
ProShares Pet Care ETF

ProShares has launched the first ETF focused on the pet care industry – the ProShares Pet Care ETF (PAWZ US). Listed on Cboe BZX, PAWZ provides investors with a means to benefit from the theme of pet ownership and the emerging trends in how owners care for their pets.

VIX ETFs surge amid equity sell-off and volatility spike

Oct 11th, 2018 | By
SPDR ETFs: Are trading volumes and volatility set to spike as April turns to May?

ETFs providing exposure to the VIX Index have recorded strong gains over the past week as volatility in US equities has spiked amid a global market sell-off.

Bitwise files for passively managed cryptocurrency ETF

Aug 13th, 2018 | By
CoinShares crypto asset ETPs surpass $1bn AUM

Bitwise Asset Management has filed a registration with the SEC for an ETF that will track the performance of leading cryptocurrency markets. The San Francisco-headquartered firm already manages what is thought to be the world’s first professionally organized cryptocurrency index fund. Matt Hougan, Bitwise’s Global Head of Research, said “Our view is that this new area has many similarities to the introduction 10 to 15 years ago of commodity ETFs…We see a lot of similarities here.”