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First Trust unveils Nasdaq 100 and MSCI EAFE ‘Target Outcome’ ETFs

Dec 29th, 2020 | By
Ryan Issakainen, Senior Vice President, ETF Strategist at First Trust.

First Trust has expanded its suite of ‘Target Outcome’ ETFs with the launch of two new ‘Buffer’ strategies based on the Nasdaq 100 and MSCI EAFE indices.

Global X challenges EMQQ with its own EM internet & e-commerce ETF

Nov 16th, 2020 | By
Chelsea Rodstrom, Research Analyst at Global X ETFs

Global X has launched its version of one of the most successful emerging market strategies in recent years.

VictoryShares introduces ‘Veteran Employers’ and ‘Protect America’ ETFs

Nov 10th, 2020 | By
VictoryShares introduces 'Veteran Employers' and 'Protect America' ETFs

VictoryShares has introduced a pair of thematic equity ETFs that are likely to resonate with US investors of a patriotic bent.

The changing face of innovation

Oct 19th, 2020 | By
John Feyerer, Senior Director of Equity ETF Product Strategy, Invesco.

By John Feyerer, Senior Director of Equity ETF Product Strategy, Invesco.

Ask just about any investor about innovation, and the first word that comes to their mind will likely be “technology.”

Invesco doubles down on Nasdaq dominance with ‘QQQ Innovation’ suite

Oct 14th, 2020 | By
Invesco doubles down on Nasdaq dominance with 'QQQ Innovation' suite

Invesco has launched two new Nasdaq-focused ETFs in the US that complement QQQ, its $145 billion Nasdaq 100 ETF. They include the Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQM US), a lower-cost Nasdaq 100 tracker, and Invesco Nasdaq Next Gen 100 ETF (QQQJ US), which targets mid-cap companies outside of the top 100.

Lyxor lowers fee on Nasdaq 100 ETF

Oct 7th, 2020 | By
Little Harbor Advisors launches risk-managed Nasdaq 100 ETF

Lyxor has reduced the total expense ratio of the Lyxor Nasdaq-100 UCITS ETF from 0.30% to 0.22%, making it the cheapest UCITS ETF in Europe for this exposure.

VictoryShares launches Nasdaq Q-50 ETF

Sep 11th, 2020 | By
Mannik DhVictoryShares launches three actively managed ESG ETFsillon, President, VictoryShares

VictoryShares has launched an ETF that provides exposure to stocks that are next in line for inclusion in the Nasdaq-100 Index.

WisdomTree introduces GBP share classes for three crude oil ETCs

May 26th, 2020 | By
WisdomTree rolls out GBP share classes for three oil ETCs

WisdomTree has introduced sterling-denominated share classes for three crude oil ETCs listed on the London Stock Exchange. Previously only tradable on the LSE in USD, the new GBP trading lines provide sterling-based investors with exposure to futures contracts on Brent and WTI crude oil benchmarks.

CSOP launches 2x leveraged NASDAQ 100 ETP in Hong Kong

May 22nd, 2020 | By
CSOP launches China healthcare innovators ETF

CSOP Asset Management has unveiled a new ETP in Hong Kong providing leveraged exposure to the NASDAQ 100. The CSOP NASDAQ – 100 Index Daily 2x Leveraged Product (7266 HK) has listed on Hong Kong stock exchange and comes with an expense ratio of 1.99%. The ETP uses derivatives to provide twice the daily return of the index.

Invesco QQQ surpasses $100 billion milestone

May 12th, 2020 | By
Simplify launches options-enhanced Nasdaq 100 ETFs

Invesco has announced that QQQ, the firm’s flagship ETF, has surpassed $100 billion in assets under management courtesy of robust investor inflows and impressive market performance. The fund has sustained positive month-on-month inflows throughout the Covid-19 crisis while its underlying Nasdaq 100 Index has rebounded strongly from the February-March rout.