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Lyxor launches suite of thematic ETFs with ESG filter

Apr 23rd, 2020 | By
Investors seek to blend sustainable and smart beta strategies

Lyxor Asset Management has launched a suite of five global equity ETFs combining thematic investing with socially responsible selection criteria. The funds, which have listed on Euronext Paris and SIX Swiss Exchange, cover a range of exposures including smart cities, millennials, disruptive technology, future mobility, and the digital economy while filtering out firms with poor ESG profiles.

Solactive builds out climate transition indices with fixed income offering

Apr 22nd, 2020 | By
MSCI unveils its first Paris-aligned fixed income indices

Solactive has further developed its family of climate transition indices with the introduction of fixed income benchmarks that incorporate low carbon considerations. Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer at Solactive, commented, “Given the relevance of these new benchmarks and our flexible architecture, it was evident to us that we wanted to service clients on the equity and fixed income side. The fact that we can help our clients on both ends of the spectrum with a consistent framework highlights Solactive’s long-standing tradition to go the extra mile for our partners.”

S&P DJI unveils climate transition indices

Apr 22nd, 2020 | By
BlackRock adds Europe and eurozone 1.5°C Paris-aligned equity ETFs  

S&P Dow Jones Indices has launched the S&P Paris-Aligned & Climate Transition (PACT) Indices, a new family of equity indices designed with significantly reduced carbon footprints in accordance with the Paris climate agreement. Reid Steadman, Global Head of ESG Indices at S&P DJI, commented, “There is a growing urgency in Europe and globally to identify solutions that address the negative consequences companies and institutions face due to climate change. The PACT Indices provide transparency with respect to these consequences and investment strategies that address climate change risks and opportunities.”

Lyxor unveils climate change ETF suite

Mar 30th, 2020 | By
JP Morgan unveils ‘Carbon Transition’ US equity ETF

Lyxor has announced the launch of a new suite of equity ETFs in Europe aimed at investors who seek to integrate low carbon and climate change considerations into their portfolios. The funds are linked to MSCI Climate Change indices that are aligned with the carbon reduction goals of both the Paris Agreement and the EU’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.

Lyxor lists SEK-hedged euro corporate bond SRI ETF on Nasdaq Stockholm

Feb 17th, 2020 | By
Lyxor cross-lists global Paris-aligned climate ETF on Nasdaq Stockholm

Lyxor has cross-listed the Lyxor Euro Corporate Bond UCITS ETF on Nasdaq Stockholm. The ETF is linked to the Bloomberg Barclays MSCI EUR Corporate Liquid SRI Sustainable Index, which provides exposure to the euro-denominated corporate bond market while incorporating socially responsible selection criteria. The new listing hedges currency exposure between the euro and the Swedish krona.

Why adding an ESG tilt to your high-yield bond portfolio could be beneficial

Feb 17th, 2020 | By
Cleaning up ETF ESG Greenwashing

By the Cross Asset and ETF Research Team at Lyxor Asset Management.

High-yield bonds could be a useful addition to many investors’ portfolios as they offer attractive return potential and good diversification benefits. And yet they’re not without risk. One way to reduce the risk of such an allocation could be to invest in an index that takes ESG criteria into account in its construction process.

Lyxor rolls out trio of high-yield SRI bond ETFs

Feb 13th, 2020 | By
Philippe Baché, Head of Fixed Income at Lyxor ETF

Lyxor has launched three new fixed income ETFs providing exposure to US dollar-denominated, euro-denominated, and global high-yield corporate bond markets while incorporating sustainability criteria. The funds are based on Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Sustainable SRI Indices and are being rolled out on the LSE and Borsa Italiana. Philippe Baché, Head of Fixed Income at Lyxor ETF, commented, “By applying an ESG lens to the high yield bond universe, we are able to provide a significant move away from parent indices offering a potentially more conservative risk profile.”

Lyxor cross-lists ‘Rise of the Robots’ ETF on Euronext Paris

Jan 28th, 2020 | By
Qraft Technologies launches AI-driven value factor ETF

Lyxor has cross-listed the Lyxor Robotics & AI UCITS ETF on Euronext Paris. The fund, which launched in September 2018, is linked to the proprietary Rise of the Robots NTR Index, providing exposure to firms that stand to benefit from the growth of the robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) industries.

Investing in water: how investors can mobilise to fight water scarcity

Jan 27th, 2020 | By
Investing in water: how investors can mobilise to fight water scarcity

By the Cross Asset and ETF Research Team at Lyxor Asset Management.

Across the developed world, our most essential need – water – appears effortlessly and abundantly from the tap. It costs us next to nothing. Yet while we experience easy abundance, under the surface, maintaining the world’s water flow has turned into a serious challenge.

HSBC GAM slashes fees on three equity ETFs

Jan 10th, 2020 | By
BlackRock trims fees on its three flagship US equity ETFs

HSBC Global Asset Management has slashed the fees charged on three equity ETFs providing exposure to developed Europe, Pacific ex-Japan, and emerging markets stocks.