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Roundhill targets digital infrastructure with latest thematic ETF

Nov 1st, 2021 | By
Will Hershey, CEO and co-Founder of Roundhill Investments

Roundhill Investments has launched the Roundhill IO Digital Infrastructure ETF (BYTE US), a new thematic equity ETF on NYSE Arca providing exposure to growth-oriented companies associated with digital infrastructure.

Global X remoulds alternative income ETF

Sep 28th, 2021 | By
NEOS debuts suite of option-enhanced income ETFs

New York-based Global X has made changes to its $40 million Global X SuperDividend Alternatives ETF (ALTY US) including a tweak to the name, modifications to the underlying strategy, and a much pared back expense ratio.

Global X launches wind and solar ETFs

Sep 15th, 2021 | By
TrueMark launches active renewable infrastructure ETF

New York-based Global X has unveiled two new climate-related thematic ETFs providing exposure to companies involved in the solar and wind energy industries.

Global X unveils six options-based US equity ETFs

Aug 31st, 2021 | By
Rohan Reddy, Director of Research at Global X

New York-based Global X has launched six new US equity ETFs that employ options-based strategies to achieve specific outcomes such as generating additional income or managing downside risk.

Mirae Asset’s Global X debuts three new Asia thematic ETFs in Hong Kong

Aug 2nd, 2021 | By
JH Rhee, Chief Executive Officer of Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong)

Mirae Asset Global Investments has launched three new ETFs in Hong Kong targeting Asian semiconductor, e-commerce & logistics, and games and entertainment investment thematic exposures within China or the wider Asia region.

Nomura launches low-cost Japan ESG Leaders ETF on TSE

Jul 19th, 2021 | By
Nomura launches low-cost Japan ESG Leaders ETF on TSE

Nomura Asset Management has launched the NEXT FUNDS MSCI Japan Country ESG Leaders Index ETF (2643 JP) has listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, providing exposure to Japanese companies with robust ESG characteristics.

CSOP launches Chinese solar industry ETF in Hong Kong

Jun 2nd, 2021 | By
Solar ETFs

CSOP Asset Management has launched a new thematic equity ETF in Hong Kong providing exposure to China A-share companies involved in the photovoltaic industry.

Thematic ETFs are just getting started

May 28th, 2021 | By

By Rahul Sen Sharma, Managing Partner, and Varun Raju, Senior Analyst Index Research at Indxx.

Thematic ETFs, with an agenda to achieve value over the long term, have necessitated the birth of funds with far sights on the future.

Global X rolls out clean water ETF

Apr 13th, 2021 | By
BlackRock unveils thematic ETF on water management

New York-based Global X has introduced an ETF providing exposure to companies globally that are advancing the provision of clean water.

Global X launches clean tech and quality governance ETFs in Japan

Apr 1st, 2021 | By
Global X launches clean tech and quality governance ETFs in Japan

Global X Japan has launched two new Japanese equity ETFs on Tokyo Stock Exchange providing thematic exposure to companies operating in clean technology and companies with quality characteristics and strong corporate governance.