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Institutional confidence in crypto bounces back

Feb 22nd, 2023 | By
ProShares unveils first tactical spot bitcoin ETFs

By Bradley Duke, Founder and co-CEO, ETC Group.

Bitcoin returned 39.63% in January, its second-best start to a year since 2013, while Bitcoin ETPs saw inflows of $260m.

Launches of digital asset ETPs continued despite crypto winte

Jan 30th, 2023 | By
Bundeep Singh Rangar, CEO of Fineqia International.

The number of crypto asset ETPs increased by 50% in 2022, even as cryptocurrency market values crashed by 64% over the same period, according to research from Fineqia International.

21Shares launches proof-of-stake crypto basket ETP

Jan 18th, 2023 | By
21Shares targets staking income with new crypto basket ETP

Digital assets investment specialist 21Shares has unveiled the world’s first crypto basket ETP providing directly backed exposure to the largest proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies while fully staking its underlying tokens.

Samsung AM launches bitcoin futures ETF in Hong Kong

Jan 16th, 2023 | By
Samsung AM launches bitcoin futures ETF in Hong Kong

Samsung Asset Management has unveiled its first crypto asset ETF in Hong Kong, an actively managed fund providing exposure to bitcoin by investing in futures contracts.

CSOP launches Hong Kong’s first crypto asset ETFs

Dec 16th, 2022 | By
Ding Chen, Chief Executive Officer of CSOP Asset Management

CSOP Asset Management has launched the CSOP Bitcoin Futures ETF (3066 HK) and CSOP Ether Futures ETF (3068 HK) on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, marking another watershed moment for the crypto asset industry.

ETPs: the sensible option for crypto investors

Dec 12th, 2022 | By
Bradley Duke, CEO of ETC Group

By Bradley Duke, Founder and co-CEO, ETC Group.

In the wake of the failure of FTX, many crypto investors quite rightly worry about the possible collapse of other crypto “exchanges” and worry about leaving any crypto or fiat balances on these exchanges.

MSCI unveils its first digital asset indices

Nov 15th, 2022 | By
FiCAS unveils dynamic multi-crypto ETP

MSCI has launched its first indices helping investors evaluate sources of risk and return across the global digital assets ecosystem.

Valour launches crypto basket ETP

Oct 14th, 2022 | By
Marco Infuso, Chief Sales Officer at Valour

Valour has launched a new ETP in Europe providing diversified exposure to the largest and most liquid crypto assets.

Hashdex launches equal-risk crypto momentum ETP

Oct 13th, 2022 | By
Hashdex launches equal-risk crypto momentum ETP

Hashdex has launched a crypto basket ETP in Europe harnessing both equal-risk and momentum factors.

21Shares unveils new suite of Ethereum ETPs

Sep 23rd, 2022 | By
Valour launches staked Ethereum ETP on Xetra

Crypto investment specialist 21Shares has launched two new ETPs offering inverse and low-cost, core exposure to Ethereum.