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UBS launches emerging markets ex-China ETF

Aug 31st, 2023 | By
UBS launches EM ex-China ESG ETF

UBS Asset Management has launched a new ETF in Europe providing broad emerging markets exposure while avoiding stocks from China.

KraneShares launches EM ETF with dynamic China exposure

Aug 25th, 2023 | By
Jonathan Shelon, COO of Krane Funds Advisors

KraneShares has introduced a new ETF providing broad access to emerging market equities while optimizing exposure to China based on real-time valuation and technical signals.

Global X rolls out active Brazil & India equity ETFs

Aug 22nd, 2023 | By
Malcolm Dorson, Head of Emerging Markets Strategy at Global X.

Global X has introduced two new single-country equity ETFs in the US providing actively managed exposure to stocks listed in Brazil and India.

Matthews Asia adds active Korean equity ETF

Jul 20th, 2023 | By
Matthews Asia adds active Korean equity ETF

San Francisco-based Matthews Asia, a specialist in emerging markets investing, has launched a new ETF providing actively managed exposure to Korean equities.

Chimera launches Shariah-compliant Chinese equities ETF

May 26th, 2023 | By
Syed Basar Shueb, Chairman of Chimera Investment

Abu Dhabi-based asset manager Chimera Capital has unveiled a new ETF in the United Arab Emirates providing Shariah-compliant exposure to Chinese equities listed in Hong Kong.

Putnam unveils active emerging markets ex-China ETF

May 24th, 2023 | By
Robert L. Reynolds, President and CEO, Putnam Investments

Putnam Investments has launched a new ETF providing high-conviction exposure to stocks from emerging market countries, excluding China.

Global X unveils two active emerging market ETFs

May 18th, 2023 | By
Luis Berruga, CEO of Global X

New York-based Global X ETFs has converted two emerging market mutual funds, previously advised by its parent company Mirae Asset Global Investments, into actively managed ETFs.

DWS unveils local currency EM sovereign bond ETF

May 9th, 2023 | By
DWS targets natural resources in first US-listed active ETF

DWS has launched a new fixed income ETF in Europe providing exposure to local currency bonds issued by emerging market sovereigns.

Global X launches Hang Seng TECH ETF in Hong Kong

Apr 3rd, 2023 | By
Global X launches Hang Seng TECH ETF in Hong Kong

New York-based Global X has launched a new ETF in Hong Kong providing exposure to innovative Chinese companies as represented by the Hang Seng TECH Index.

Global X rolls out China thematic ETFs on LSE

Apr 3rd, 2023 | By
Rob Oliver, Head of Business Development for Global X ETFs in Europe

New York-based Global X has cross-listed four China-focused equity ETFs on London Stock Exchange, providing exposure to companies aligned with clean energy, electric vehicles, cloud computing, and biotechnology investment themes.