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Direxion unveils ‘Relative Weight’ ETF suite

Jan 17th, 2019 | By
Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product of Direxion

Direxion has unveiled a new suite of ETFs on NYSE Arca that use a relative weight methodology. The range consists of ten long/short ETFs, separated into five investment pairs designed to capture both sides of an expressed view – for example, that value will outperform growth or vice-versa. “The beauty of these funds is they allow you to extend your viewpoint to the short side to seek additional returns,” said Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product of Direxion. “Your view is no longer mismatched with the fund – the fund is now designed to match your view.”

ProShares launches inverse & leveraged Communication Services sector ETFs

Jan 17th, 2019 | By
Ben Fulton, Managing Director of ProShares’ tactical products business.

ProShares has launched four new ETFs on NYSE Arca, providing a range of leveraged and inverse leveraged exposures to the newly minted Communications Services sector of the S&P 500 Index. “ProShares is committed to providing knowledgeable investors with a comprehensive set of tools for tactical investing,” said Ben Fulton, Managing Director of ProShares’ tactical products business.

Direxion to increase leverage on PortfolioPlus ETFs

Jan 5th, 2019 | By
Cathay launches leveraged DJIA ETF in Taiwan

US-based inverse and leveraged ETF specialist Direxion has announced it will raise the daily leverage factor on its suite of ‘PortfolioPlus’ ETFs – a range of lightly leveraged funds providing exposure to the US large, mid, and small cap markets, as well as international developed and emerging market stocks.

Direxion unveils triple leveraged & inverse ETFs for US consumer sectors

Dec 4th, 2018 | By
Allianz unveils ‘Uncapped’ US equity buffer ETF

Direxion has added four funds to its line-up of leveraged and inverse sector ETFs. The funds provide triple leveraged exposure or triple inverse leveraged exposure to the daily return of the consumer staples and consumer discretionary sectors of the US equity market.

Direxion launches 3x leveraged robotics, automation and AI ETF

Apr 23rd, 2018 | By
Sylvia Jablonski, CEO of Defiance ETFs.

Direxion has launched the Direxion Daily Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Automation Index Bull 3X Shares (UBOT US) on NYSE Arca, providing triple leveraged exposure to an equity index composed of firms operating in the robotics and automation industry. Sylvia Jablonski, managing director at Direxion, commented, “The launch of UBOT allows traders to take a bold position in companies that are at the forefront of technology.”

Insufficient assets prompts Direxion to close its billionaire-mimicking ETF

Mar 2nd, 2018 | By

Direxion Investments is to close its billionaire-mimicking ETF, the Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (IBLN US).

Direxion introduces lightly leveraged “Portfolio+” ETF suite

Feb 19th, 2018 | By
ETFs profit as global markets rebound in April

US-based leveraged and inverse ETF specialist Direxion has debuted a new range of ETFs, under a new brand called “Portfolio+ ETFs”. The ETFs provide lightly leveraged exposure to their underlying indices. Andy O’Rourke, Managing Director at Direxion, said, “Over time, a small amount of added exposure can make a significant difference. At the right price point, just a 25% boost allows advisors who already manage a diversified strategy to seek out additional risk-adjusted returns in a manageable way. “

Direxion makes changes to two leveraged ETFs

Jan 31st, 2018 | By
A name change at Direxion Trust ETF

The board of trustees of the Direxion Shares ETF Trust has approved changes to the names, tickers and investment adviser of the Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bull 1.25X Shares and the Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 1.25X Shares, effective from 15 February 2018.

Direxion launches 3x leveraged pharmaceuticals ETF

Nov 15th, 2017 | By
ETF Securities cross-lists 'disruptive technology' ETFs onto Borsa Italiana

Direxion, the US-based leveraged and inverse ETF specialist, has launched the Direxion Daily Pharmaceutical Bull 3X Shares (PILL US). The ETF seeks to achieve 300% of the daily performance of the Dynamic Pharmaceutical Intellidex Index, an index composed of 30 US pharmaceutical companies identified by NYSE’s Intellidex methodology as having the greatest potential for capital appreciation.

Direxion to change index for leveraged small-cap ETF

Oct 3rd, 2017 | By
Sylvia Jablonski, CEO of Defiance ETFs.

New York-based ETF provider Direxion is changing the underlying index of the Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 1.25X Shares (NYSE Arca: LLSC). As of 1 December 2017, the fund will switch from using the Russell 2000 Index to the S&P Small Cap 600 Index.