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Index providers develop thematic Covid-19 benchmarks; ETFs in pipeline

Apr 29th, 2020 | By
Index providers develop thematic COVID-19 benchmarks

Sensing an opportunity, index providers are developing new indices capturing trends associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. Frankfurt-based Solactive has launched the Solactive Remote Work Index, which is set to underlie a forthcoming ETF from Direxion, while San Diego-based EQM Indexes has introduced four indices with themes such as ‘Work from Home’, ‘Stay at Home’, ‘Covid-19 Stocks’, and ‘Global Pandemic Disruption’.

Direxion tempers inverse & leveraged ETF line-up amid coronavirus volatility

Apr 1st, 2020 | By
GraniteShares cross-lists tactical US tech basket ETPs on Xetra

Inverse and leveraged ETF specialist Direxion has made several adjustments to its product line-up in response to the unprecedented market volatility arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and oil price war. The changes include scaling down the magnitude of exposure offered by ten of its most highly leveraged ETFs, as well as permanently shuttering eight ETFs no longer considered to be economically viable.

Direxion unveils three long-term buy-and-hold ETF strategies

Feb 5th, 2020 | By
Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product of Direxion

Direxion has unveiled three new ETFs on NYSE Arca targeting strategic long-term investment themes. Two of the funds – the Direxion MSCI USA ESG – Leaders vs. Laggards ETF (ESNG US) and the Direxion S&P 500 High Minus Low Quality ETF (QMJ US) – utilize a long/short approach to establish more pronounced exposure to ESG and quality factor risk premia within the US equity market, while the third – the Direxion Flight to Safety Strategy ETF (FLYT US) – invests in a portfolio of safe-haven assets. Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product at Direxion, commented, “These strategies allow a broader audience to benefit from our expertise in delivering smart, precise exposure to distinct and strategically focused investment opportunities.”

Getting giddy for gold miners

Dec 28th, 2019 | By
Getting giddy for gold miners

By the ETF research team at Direxion Investments.

Negative-yielding debt has declined from its all-time peak, but it still represents close to 24% of all global bonds. Until recently, the idea of negative-yielding debt was unfeasible to many and now it is nearly a quarter of all debt issued around the world. Even $900 billion of corporate bonds trade at negative yields highlighting the pervasiveness of this phenomenon.

Direxion launches triple leveraged & inverse ETFs on high beta and internet stocks

Nov 11th, 2019 | By
Direxion introduces 2x leveraged 5G Communications and Travel & Vacation ETFs

Direxion has added two pairs of funds, linked to the S&P 500 High Beta Index and Dow Jones Internet Composite, to its line-up of triple leveraged and inverse ETFs. Dave Mazza, Managing Director at Direxion, commented, “We’re very excited to offer traders leveraged exposure to these two indexes to express bullish or bearish positions.”

Recession or no? What do the numbers say?

Sep 24th, 2019 | By
GraniteShares cross-lists tactical US tech basket ETPs on Xetra

By the ETF Research Team at Direxion. With an increase in chatter about the next recession lurking right around the corner, it is notable that the Manufacturing PMI slipped into contraction territory to 49.1 in August after expanding for 35 months. However, the Non-Manufacturing PMI stands at 56.4 and has now expanded for 115 months and firmly beat survey expectations. Just as commuters around the globe are reminded to mind the gap when entering and exiting trains, investors should stay attuned to the gap between Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing PMIs.

Time for a trade on financials. But which way?

Aug 30th, 2019 | By
Gabelli launches actively managed financial services ETF

By the ETF Research Team at Direxion.

August is supposed to be the quietest month of the year – the summer doldrums. And yet, this August has proven to be anything but quiet, thanks to corporate earnings and the most highly anticipated FOMC meetings in years.

Gassing up to chase the Russian bull

Jul 8th, 2019 | By
BlackRock begins winding down Russia ETF

By the ETF Research Team at Direxion.

Russian stocks surged more than any other international market in June, adding another wrinkle to what is already one of the most closely watched global relationships. This bullish surge from Russia is especially apparent in the Direxion Daily Russia Bull 3X Shares ETF (RUSL US), which tracks the MVIS Russia Index. RUSL topped its prior high early in June and has since added another 13.5% to approach levels it hasn’t seen since the start of 2018.

Direxion unveils ‘Relative Weight’ ETF suite

Jan 17th, 2019 | By
Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product of Direxion

Direxion has unveiled a new suite of ETFs on NYSE Arca that use a relative weight methodology. The range consists of ten long/short ETFs, separated into five investment pairs designed to capture both sides of an expressed view – for example, that value will outperform growth or vice-versa. “The beauty of these funds is they allow you to extend your viewpoint to the short side to seek additional returns,” said Dave Mazza, Managing Director and Head of Product of Direxion. “Your view is no longer mismatched with the fund – the fund is now designed to match your view.”

ProShares launches inverse & leveraged Communication Services sector ETFs

Jan 17th, 2019 | By
Ben Fulton, Managing Director of ProShares’ tactical products business.

ProShares has launched four new ETFs on NYSE Arca, providing a range of leveraged and inverse leveraged exposures to the newly minted Communications Services sector of the S&P 500 Index. “ProShares is committed to providing knowledgeable investors with a comprehensive set of tools for tactical investing,” said Ben Fulton, Managing Director of ProShares’ tactical products business.