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WisdomTree introduces euro-hedged share class for roll-enhanced energy ETC

Mar 2nd, 2021 | By
WisdomTree launches euro-hedged share class of roll-enhanced energy ETC

WisdomTree has introduced a new currency-hedged share class for its roll-enhanced energy ETC.

Mitsubishi UFJ to introduce low-cost S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 ETFs

Feb 19th, 2021 | By
Mitsubishi UFJ introduces low-cost S&P 500 & Nasdaq 100 ETFs

Japanese asset manager Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai is set to launch two new low-cost ETFs providing exposure to key US equity indices, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.

AgioFunds, Beta Securities launch Poland’s first Nasdaq 100 ETF

Feb 9th, 2021 | By
Robert Sochacki, AgioFunds Board Member

AgioFunds and its listing partner Beta Securities Poland have announced the launch of Poland’s first Nasdaq 100 ETF on GPW, the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

TD Asset Management trims fees on six core ETFs

Oct 19th, 2020 | By
Bruce Cooper, CEO & CIO, TD Asset Management.

TD Asset Management, a subsidiary of Toronto-Dominion Bank, has reduced the expense ratios of six ETFs providing core portfolio exposures.

Nikko set to list Japan’s cheapest Nasdaq 100 ETFs

Sep 23rd, 2020 | By
Simplify launches options-enhanced Nasdaq 100 ETFs

Nikko Asset Management is set to roll out two new ETFs this week which will become the lowest-cost ETFs in Japan to track the Nasdaq 100.

Follow Buffett into Japan

Sep 15th, 2020 | By
Jeremy Schwartz WisdomTree

By Jeremy Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research, WisdomTree.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway recently purchased 5% stakes in five Japanese general trading firms, known as “sogo shosha.”

Vanguard introduces euro-hedged share classes for trio of fixed income ETFs

Sep 9th, 2020 | By
Vanguard launches euro-hedged versions of core fixed income ETFs

Vanguard has introduced new currency-hedged share classes for three fixed income ETFs that deliver core access to Treasury, gilt, and US dollar corporate bond markets.

The pace of economic recovery outside the US

Aug 24th, 2020 | By
Sal Bruno, Chief Investment Officer at IndexIQ.

By Salvatore J. Bruno, Chief Investment Officer, IndexIQ.

The coronavirus has impacted different countries with differing severity at different times, so it stands to reason the economic recovery will move forward in different ways as well.

UBS introduces USD-hedging for eurozone SRI corporate bond ETF

Aug 17th, 2020 | By
UBS introduces USD-hedging for eurozone SRI corporate bond ETF

UBS has introduced a new currency-hedged share class for its ETF tracking euro area corporate bonds issued by firms with strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) characteristics.

Invesco launches GBP-hedged version of $11.8bn physical gold ETC

Jul 13th, 2020 | By
Chris Mellor, Head of EMEA ETF Commodity Product Management at Invesco

Invesco has launched a sterling-hedged version of its blockbuster physical gold ETC. Chris Mellor, Head of ETF Equity and Commodity Product Management at Invesco, said, “Many investors this year have told us they want exposure to the gold price but not the currency risk attached to a US dollar asset. We are now able to offer these investors currency-hedged versions of the Invesco Physical Gold ETC, our largest exchange-traded product in Europe.”