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BNP Paribas rolls out two new sustainable fixed income ETFs

Oct 5th, 2023 | By
Lorraine Sereyjol-Garros, Global Head of Development for ETFs & Index Funds at BNP Paribas Asset Management

In response to the growing demand for sustainable investment options, BNP Paribas Asset Management has launched two new ESG-tailored ETFs focused on short-duration EUR and broad-maturity USD corporate bond markets.

Strive’s new ETF targets strategic sectors

Sep 1st, 2023 | By
Matt Cole, CEO and CIO of Strive Asset Management

Strive Asset Management has launched a new ETF targeting North American companies from sectors considered essential for global stability.

BlackRock unveils Europe’s first target-maturity bond ETFs

Aug 10th, 2023 | By
Brett Pybus ETFs iShares

BlackRock has introduced its ‘iBonds’ ETFs to Europe. A first for the continent, the suite consists of fixed income ETFs that target bonds maturing in a specific year.

Invesco launches carbon-tilted broad commodities ETF

Aug 1st, 2023 | By
Gary Buxton, Head of EMEA ETFs at Invesco

Invesco has launched a new ETF in Europe providing climate-focused exposure to a diversified portfolio of commodity futures.

UBS unveils ESG-enhanced global green bond ETF

Jul 28th, 2023 | By
Clemens Reuter, Global Head of ETF & Index Fund Client Coverage at UBS Asset Management

UBS Asset Management has launched a new ETF in Europe providing broad exposure to green bonds, diversified across currencies and fixed income sectors worldwide, while incorporating additional sustainability considerations.

Tabula unveils world’s first Paris-aligned fallen angels ETF

Jun 27th, 2023 | By
Tabula unveils world’s first Paris-aligned fallen angels ETF

European fixed income ETF specialist Tabula Investment Management has launched a new innovative fund providing exposure to so-called ‘fallen angel’ bonds while adhering to the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Schwab to launch low-cost high yield bond ETF

Jun 27th, 2023 | By
Schwab to launch low-cost high yield bond ETF

Schwab Asset Management is preparing to introduce a new fixed income ETF in the US offering investors cheaply priced exposure to a core portfolio of high yield corporate bonds.

Amundi unveils euro govies ETF with green bond tilt

Jun 23rd, 2023 | By
Arnaud Llinas, Head of ETF, Indexing, and Smart Beta at Amundi

Amundi has expanded its offering of sustainable fixed income ETFs by introducing a broad euro government bond fund with a significant allocation to ‘green’ issues.

Bloomberg unveils carbon-tilted commodities index

Jun 2nd, 2023 | By
Broad commodities index ETF

Bloomberg has introduced a climate-focused version of the flagship Bloomberg Commodity Index, designed to deliver a significantly reduced carbon footprint while limiting tracking error.

GSAM launches ESG-tailored municipal bond ETF

Mar 15th, 2023 | By
GSAM launches global green bond ETF

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has launched a new municipal bond ETF that includes a significant allocation to securities funding projects with positive social and environmental impacts.