SmartShares rolls out four ETFs on NZX

Nov 20th, 2015 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

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SmartShares, the exchange-traded fund division of New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), has launched four new ETFs, covering a range of local and global bonds, cash equivalents, and New Zealand real estate. The new listings bring the total number of ETFs offered by the firm to 23.

SmartShares rolls out four ETFs on NZX

Aaron Jenkins, NZX Head of Funds Management.

Aaron Jenkins, NZX Head of Funds Management, commented: “Today’s listings mark another key milestone in the expansion of Smartshares’ portfolio of ETFs, and signals our continued commitment to developing a vibrant ETF market in New Zealand that provides investors with a range of diverse, low-cost and easily accessible investment options.”

The SmartShares Global Bond ETF (GBF) invests in a range of global interest bearing bonds, is benchmarked against the Barclays Global Aggregate Index, and mitigates currency risk against the New Zealand dollar. The SmartShares New Zealand Bond ETF (NZB) invests in high quality, local, interest bearing securities, and is benchmarked against the S&P/NZX A-Grade Corporate Bond Index. The SmartShares New Zealand Cash ETF (NZC) invests in local short-term cash equivalents, and is benchmarked against the NZX 90-Day Bank Bill Index. The SmartShares New Zealand Property ETF (NPF) invests in property businesses listed with NZX, and tracks the performance of the S&P/NZX Real Estate Select Index.

The remaining funds within Smartshares’ existing suite of ETFs include:

SmartShares New Zealand Dividend ETF (DIV)
SmartShares Australian Resources ETF (ASR)
SmartShares Australian Financials ETF (ASF)
SmartShares Australian Property ETF (ASP)
SmartShares Australian Dividend ETF (ASD) 
SmartShares New Zealand Top 50 ETF (FNZ) 
SmartShares New Zealand Top 10 ETF (TNZ) 
SmartShares Australian Top 20 ETF (OZY) 
SmartShares Australian Mid Cap ETF (MZY) 
SmartShares New Zealand Mid Cap ETF (MDZ) 
SmartShares US 500 ETF (USF) 
SmartShares Europe ETF (EUF) 
SmartShares Asia Pacific ETF (APA) 
SmartShares Emerging Markets ETF (EMF) 
SmartShares Total World ETF (TWF) 
SmartShares US Large Value ETF (USV) 
SmartShares US Large Growth ETF (USG) 
SmartShares US Mid-Cap ETF (USM) 
SmartShares US Small-Cap ETF (USS)

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