QuantShares’ Canadian ETF range renamed to AGFiQ

Oct 25th, 2017 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Toronto-based AGF Investments has announced that its line-up of Canadian-domiciled QuantShares ETFs will be renamed AFGiQ ETFs to bring greater alignment across its brands. The name change will not affect the investment objectives, strategies, management or ticker symbols of the ETFs.

QuantShares' Canadian ETF range renamed to AGFiQ

AGF opening the Toronto Stock Exchange in January 2017.

The factor-driven ETF range was launched in January 2017 following the creation of AFGiQ Asset management, AGF’s quantitative investing and ETF solutions platform.

The ETFs affected are:

QuantShares Enhanced Core Canadian Equity ETF (TSX: QCD)
QuantShares Enhanced Core US Equity ETF (TSX: QUS)
QuantShares Enhanced Core International Equity ETF (TSX: QIE)
QuantShares Enhanced Core Emerging Markets Equity ETF (TSX: QEM)
QuantShares Global Equity Rotation ETF (TSX: QGL)
QuantShares MultiAsset Allocation ETF (TSX: QMA)
QuantShares MultiAsset Income Allocation ETF (TSX: QMY)

The name changes, effective on 2 November 2017, will see the QuantShares portion of the name dropped and replaced by AFGiQ.

The largest ETF in the range is QUS, which has $137 million in assets under management. The fund provides exposure to large- and mid-cap US equities using a multi-factor selection process aimed at reducing volatility and improving risk-adjusted returns.

AFG also have a range of five QuantShares ETFs listed in the USA. An announcement regarding a name change to this line of ETFs is expected shortly.

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