Lyxor lists 14 of its largest ETFs on the London Stock Exchange

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Lyxor Asset Management, Europe’s third-largest provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), has listed 14 of its largest and most liquid ETFs on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), enhancing the range of ETFs available to UK investors.

Lyxor lists 14 of its largest ETFs on London Stock Exchange

Lyxor has listed 14 of its largest ETFs on the LSE

Of the 14 new funds, seven are ranked number one in terms of Assets Under Management (AUM) for their respective benchmarks.

In addition, four have more than $1 billion in assets, including the Lyxor ETF MSCI Emerging Markets with almost $1.4 billion. This is particularly beneficial for institutional investors whose internal investment limits preclude them from investing in funds below a certain size.

The funds are also some of the most actively traded ETFs in Europe for the benchmarks they track. As such they are supported by an established network of Authorised Participants and market makers who maintain highly liquid trading conditions for these funds across Europe.

Three of the range – the Lyxor ETF MSCI USA, the Lyxor ETF MSCI Emerging Markets and the Lyxor ETF Japan Topix) – have benefited from recent reductions in the Total Expense Ratio (TER) in order to ensure they are amongst the most competitive ETFs for these underlying indices.

All 14 funds have UK Reporting Fund status and are tradable in GBP to ensure that they can meet the requirements of UK investors. Nine funds can also be traded in USD. All funds have been in existence for at least four years and each fund has a proven track record for providing precise tracking and cost-efficient exposure to their respective benchmark.

To ensure that all UK investors benefit from the new funds, the 14 existing LSE-listed ETFs based on the same indices will be merged into these new listings. Investors holding the existing LSE-listed funds will automatically receive a corresponding number of shares in the new funds. The merger of the old and new funds will take place in three batches and will be completed by 19 December, 2012.

New ETF Listings:

Name  CCY Ticker TER
Lyxor ETF Dow Jones Industrial Average D-EUR  GBP DJEL 0.50%
Lyxor ETF MSCI World D-USD  USD WLDD 0.45%
Lyxor ETF World Water – D-EUR  GBP WATL 0.60%
Lyxor ETF MSCI EM Latin America C-USD  USD LTMU 0.65%
Lyxor ETF Japan (Topix) D-EUR  GBP JPNL 0.45%
Lyxor ETF Eastern Europe (CECE NTR EUR) C-EUR  GBP CECL 0.50%
Lyxor ETF China Enterprise (HSCEI) C-USD  USD ASIU 0.65%
Lyxor ETF MSCI Emerging Markets C-USD  USD LEMD 0.55%
Lyxor ETF South Africa (FTSE JSE Top 40) C-Eur  GBP AFSL 0.65%
Lyxor ETF Brazil (Ibovespa) C-USD  USD RIOU 0.65%
Lyxor ETF MSCI India C-USD  USD INRU 0.85%
Lyxor ETF Commodities TR/Jefferies CRB TR- C-USD  USD CRBU 0.35%
Lyxor ETF Commodities TR/Jefferies CRB Ex-Energy TR – C-USD  USD CRNO 0.35%


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