Kiwi issuer Smartshares rolls out eight new ETFs in partnership with iShares

Jun 7th, 2019 | By | Category: Equities

Smartshares, New Zealand’s only ETF provider, has launched eight new funds on NZX, the New Zealand Exchange.

New Zealand Auckland Smartshares ETFs

Smartshares is currently New Zealand’s only ETF issuer.

While the ETFs are issued by Smartshares, domiciled in New Zealand, and trade locally in New Zealand dollars, each gains its exposure by investing in a corresponding iShares UCITS ETF domiciled in Dublin.

The new ETFs consists of seven equity and one fixed income fund.

The equity line-up includes five funds providing exposure to ESG-screened indices from MSCI that cover global, US, Europe, Japan, and emerging market equities. The other two are thematic funds tracking firms linked to healthcare innovation, and automation and robotics.

The sole fixed income product is a global aggregate bond ETF that provides exposure to an NZD-hedged version of the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index. The global AGG index is a comprehensive measure of global developed and emerging market investment grade debt, made up of government, corporate, and securitized fixed-rate issues.

The funds and their annual charges (including acquired fund fees) are as follows:

Smartshares Global Equities ESG ETF (ESG NZ); 0.54%
Smartshares US Equities ESG ETF (USA NZ)
; 0.34%
Smartshares Europe Equities ESG ETF (EUG NZ)
; 0.55%
Smartshares Japan Equities ESG ETF (JPN NZ)
; 0.55%
Smartshares Emerging Markets Equities ESG ETF (EMG NZ)
; 0.59%
Smartshares Automation and Robotics ETF (BOT NZ)
; 0.75%
Smartshares Healthcare Innovation ETF (LIV NZ)
; 0.75%
Smartshares Global Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG NZ)
; 0.30%

There are now 31 Smartshares ETFs.

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