iShares seeks to promote ETF awareness via educational video series

Feb 8th, 2016 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

iShares, the exchange-traded funds division of asset manager BlackRock, has released a series of animated educational videos aimed at promoting greater knowledge of ETFs among investors and financial advisors. The videos use straightforward language and contain easy-to-understand content revolving around the benefits and mechanics of ETFs.

iShares seeks to enhance ETF awareness through animated educational series

Jennifer Grancio, Managing Director, BlackRock.

Jennifer Grancio, Managing Director, BlackRock commented: “Our goal with this video series was simple: take key topics around the mechanics of ETFs and explain them in a way that would be easily understood by a broad range of sophistication levels and we felt animation was a great way to accomplish that. For BlackRock, education will continue to be a key focus for us as we work to help all types of investors feel confident using ETFs for their investment goals.”

Topics covered in the new videos include an introduction to ETFs, what they are and how they work; the benefits of fixed income ETFs, a convenient, low risk way to access bonds; and how bond ETFs react in stressed scenarios, helping to add liquidity in volatile markets.

iShares has also initiated several educational resources for investors including the ETF Education Centre, detailing the basic structure and benefits of these products, as well as how they can fit within an investment portfolio. Another resource provided is the iShares Core Sample Portfolio Tool which instructs investors on how to build a low-cost, well-diversified portfolio using a basic set of tools.

The videos are featured on a dedicated section of specifically aimed at investors and financial advisors interested in delving further into ETF mechanics.

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