Investlinx debuts two active multi-asset ETFs on Borsa Italiana

Feb 28th, 2023 | By | Category: Alternatives / Multi-Asset

Newly formed investment manager Investlinx has made its ETF debut in Europe with the launch of two actively managed multi-asset ETFs on Borsa Italiana.


Mario Bonaccorso (l), Founder; Matteo Solfanelli (r), CEO, Investlinx.

The Investlinx Capital Appreciation UCITS ETF (LINXC IM) and Investlinx Balanced Income UCITS ETF (LINXB IM) have come to market with €120 million and €30m in initial assets, respectively.

Each fund comes with an expense ratio of 0.85%.

Both ETFs offer exposure to globally diversified portfolios of listed equities and fixed income securities.

LINXC targets at least an 80% allocation to equities with the remaining weight dedicated to sovereign and corporate bonds with a focus on investment-grade issues.

The fund’s equity sleeve consists primarily of developed market stocks with a maximum allowable allocation of 20% of the ETF’s total assets to emerging markets. Investlinx seeks out attractively priced companies with solid business models, strong market positions, sustainable competitive advantages, exposure to structural growth opportunities, and strong management teams. The fund has a long-term focus and portfolio turnover is expected to be low.

Investlinx aims to enhance the resiliency of the ETF by utilizing appropriate diversification by sectors and revenue streams, as well as protecting against market downturns by selecting a reasonable number of companies that have low leverage and stable earnings.

LINXB, meanwhile, targets a 30/70 asset allocation mix of stocks to bonds. The fund’s equity sleeve is constructed in the same manner as LINXC, while its allocation to bonds is designed to generate stable income and reduce overall portfolio risk. Exposure to sub-investment-grade securities is capped at 25% of the ETF’s total assets. Investlinx utilizes a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors to identify bonds that offer an optimal risk-adjusted return.

Investlinx was founded by Mario Bonaccorso who has more than 20 years of experience in the global investment management industry. Prior to founding Investlinx, Bonaccorso worked at Exor N.V. for 15 years, serving as Managing Director of Investments. Exor is a minority partner of Investlinx and has invested its own capital in the two Investlinx ETFs.

Investlinx will be helmed by Matteo Solfanelli who has 15 years of professional experience in Azimut, one of the largest Italian investment management companies, where he served as Head of Investments in Ireland.

Mario Bonaccorso, Founder of Investlinx, commented: “Investlinx brings a distinctive offering in wealth management in Europe, allowing investors to broaden their investment options through global and diversified portfolios available for purchase as ETFs. We offer our clients investment knowledge and expertise built over several years to provide quality portfolios at competitive costs. I am delighted to have Exor as a partner, and I would like to thank Exor for believing in our project.”

Matteo Solfanelli, CEO of Investlinx, added: “ETFs are simple and cost-effective instruments but are currently used primarily as passive or thematic funds. With Investlinx, investors will benefit from diversified actively managed portfolios managed through ETFs. By providing portfolios that meet different investors’ return objectives and risk appetites, we aim to generate attractive returns over time while preserving investors’ capital.”

Investlinx has announced its intention to roll out its ETFs on other major European stock exchanges, as well as expand its product offering by launching additional funds in the near future.

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