IndexUniverse and Index Strategy Advisors to collaborate on ETF portfolios

Nov 26th, 2013 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

IndexUniverse, a leading provider of exchange-traded fund analytics, and Index Strategy Advisors, a registered investment advisor, both headquartered in the US, have announced the launch of a partnership to build and deliver ETF portfolios to clients.

IndexUniverse and Index Strategy Advisors collaborate on ETF portfolios

Pictured (left to right) IndexUniverse President Dave Nadig, Index Strategy Advisors CEO/CIO James McDonald, IndexUniverse CEO Jim Wiandt, and Index Strategy Advisors President Wes Sims.

Under the terms of the agreement, Index Strategy Advisors will leverage IndexUniverse’s ETF Analytics and due diligence platform to select ETFs for clients, based on its own in-house proprietary asset allocation models.

ETF assets under management are surging this year, rising 38% year-to-date to hit $1.67 trillion in the US alone. Investors are increasingly attracted to the funds, which offer lower costs, more flexibility and greater tax efficiency than traditional mutual funds.

Matt Hougan, president of Analytics & Publications at IndexUniverse, said: “We’re excited to be a part of Index Strategy Advisor’s growth. James McDonald and his team at Index Strategy Advisors were among one of our noted top 10 rising stars in the advising space in 2012, and they’ve laid out a solid plan in bringing ETFs to a much broader audience that stands to benefit hugely from the transparency and simplicity offered by ETFs.”

As advisors continue to adopt ETFs into client portfolios, dependable due diligence and analysis has become a key factor in the construction and communication of ETF strategies. Those advisory firms that have the ability to effectively communicate with their clients, while navigating the vast and continuing growth of offerings available in the ETF space, stand to excel.

James McDonald, CEO of Index Strategy Advisors, added: “When we learned about IndexUniverse’s ETF Analytics service and began to develop a relationship with their team, we saw a huge opportunity in utilizing their research and data to reach our current and potential clients. The ability to leverage our strategy in client outreach, coupled with IndexUniverse’s thorough research and analysis, will allow us to introduce ETFs to a new audience of investors.”

Jim Wiandt, CEO of IndexUniverse, commented: “ISA is a good story, and we’re delighted to undertake this partnership with them. We’re pleased our service is an integral part of how they design portfolios, and will provide an added benefit to their clients. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the ISA team and their clients.”

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