Hartford launches US equity multi-factor ETF

Nov 29th, 2022 | By | Category: Equities

Hartford Funds has launched a new US equity multi-factor ETF delivering what the firm describes as ‘style-pure’ exposure.

Hartford launches US equity multi-factor ETF

Hartford has launched a new ETF delivering ‘style-pure’ exposure to US large-cap equities.

The Hartford Disciplined US Equity ETF (HDUS US) has been listed on NYSE Arca with an expense ratio of 0.19%.

The ETF is linked to the Hartford Disciplined US Equity Index which is constructed from an initial universe comprising the largest 1,000 companies listed in the US.

The index utilizes an optimization technique to select and weight its constituents. The process targets balanced exposure across value, momentum, quality, and dividend yield factors while also reducing overall volatility compared to the market-cap-weighted universe.

The index is also designed to control exposure to active, uncompensated risks by ensuring appropriate diversification at the sector, industry, and stock levels.

Typically consisting of between 300 and 400 securities, the index is reconstituted and rebalanced on a semi-annual basis in March and September.

As of 25 November, the index’s most notable positions were Apple (5.5%), Microsoft (4.5%), Alphabet (2.8%), Amazon (2.1%), and AbbVie (1.6%).

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