HANetf assets surpass $50m

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Assets under management at white label UCITS ETF issuer HANetf have surpassed $50 million.

HANetf reports AUM surpasses $50 million threshold

Hector McNeil, co-CEO of white-label ETF provider HANetf.

The London-headquartered firm, which debuted its first ETF last year, currently offers five funds.

They include three disruptive technology ETFs in cooperation with GinsGlobal Index Funds; an emerging markets internet and e-commerce ETF in collaboration with Big Tree Capital; and a broad market Kuwait equity ETF in partnership with KMEFIC.

It is this latter product – the KMEFIC FTSE Kuwait Equity UCITS ETF (KUW8) –  which is largely responsible for driving assets above the $50m mark.

Recent inflows have pushed assets in this fund to just shy of $40m, representing four-fifths of HANetf’s total assets under management.

Launched in April, the fund has benefitted from index provider MSCI‘s recent upgrade of Kuwait to emerging market status which, in turn, is expected to trigger passive inflows in the region of $2.8 billion.

Proof of concept

The success of KUW8 and the speed with which the GinsGlobal and Big Tree funds were brought to market offer a proof of concept of the white label model.

Hector McNeil, co-Founder and co-CEO HANetf, said, “We are delighted to have reached this important milestone, which demonstrates the unique power of the HANetf platform. Prior to the advent of HANetf, new ETF issuers have struggled to enter Europe due to the cost and complexity of establishing an ETF business from scratch.

“By providing a full regulatory and operational infrastructure, HANetf is enabling asset managers to leverage the disruptive distribution potential of ETFs to reach new types of investors in new markets with new or added value investment concepts.”

HANetf’s full line-up:

EMQQ Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce UCITS ETF – Acc (EMQQ)
HAN-GINS Cloud Technology UCITS ETF – Acc (SKYY)
HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF – Acc (WELL)
HAN-GINS Innovative Technologies UCITS ETF – Acc (ITEK)
KMEFIC FTSE Kuwait Equity UCITS ETF – Acc (KUW8)

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