FTSE and Cürex launch real-time executable benchmark indices for spot FX

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FTSE, a leading global index provider, and Cürex Group, a developer of intellectual property and technologies that link institutional foreign exchange with global capital markets, have announced the launch of the FTSE Cürex FX Index Series – a new range of independently calculated, 24/5 streaming, executable spot FX benchmark FIX for currency pairs and currency baskets.

FTSE and Cürex launch of real-time executable benchmarks for spot FX

FTSE and Cürex Group have announced the launch of the FTSE Cürex FX Index Series – a new range of independently calculated, 24/5 streaming, executable spot FX benchmark FIX for currency pairs and currency baskets.

The FTSE Cürex FX Index Series provides the next generation of FX valuation and performance benchmarking for global capital markets.  By establishing real-time Bid and Offer spot FX indices on 192 currency pairs (FTSE Cürex FIX), from multiple independent contributors and at multiple depths of liquidity, global capital markets benefit from improved clarity when viewing previously opaque foreign exchange pricing.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive of FTSE, said: “FX is the World’s largest capital market and currency exposure affects investors in all asset classes. This new series of FX indices will be used by our clients world-wide as a better benchmark for managing currency risk and performance, and will support a wide range of passively managed FX currency funds and strategies.”

William Dale, Chairman and Chief Executive at Cürex Group, added: “The FTSE Cürex FX Index Series represents a step forward in the evolution of the global foreign exchange marketplace.  As the most advanced series of executable FX benchmarks and custom FX Indices created to date, the FTSE Cürex FX Index Series enables unprecedented capabilities for both Buy-Side and Sell-Side leaders seeking to provide more competitive products and liquidity to the world’s capital markets.  We anticipate significant new product and risk management solutions to emerge for the benefit of international investors, asset owners and those who move capital across borders in their normal course of commerce.”

The FTSE Cürex FX Index Series is published in real time during the hours of the institutional OTC FX market, from 17:00 ET Sunday to 17:00 ET Friday.  Additionally, ‘snap’ indices are published every 15 minutes, 96 times per day, providing an independent, time-stamped valuation metric to enhance NAV calculation and fuel the creation of new currency risk management tools and investment products. Designed to be highly customisable, the index series enables market participants to combine any of the 192 pairs into custom calculated FX baskets.

New executable benchmark currency baskets include the flagship FTSE Cürex USD/G8 Index, an equally weighted, real-time index designed to provide an improved valuation of the US Dollar. The index consists of seven major currencies representative of global finance and commodity trading, plus the Chinese Renminbi – the most important emerging Asian reserve currency.  These new benchmark FX Indices also can be used to measure the performance of active currency strategies, and provide new tools for investors seeking to express a ‘risk on / risk off’ trade.

The indices are available directly from FTSE and will be published on Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters terminals.

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