Franklin Templeton targets innovation with new active ETF in Canada

Feb 4th, 2021 | By | Category: Equities

Franklin Templeton has launched an actively managed ETF in Canada providing exposure to companies poised to benefit from dynamic technology and innovation.

Matthew Moberg, Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton

Matthew Moberg, Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton.

The Franklin Innovation Active ETF (FINO CN) has listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and comes with a management fee of 0.80%.

The fund is managed by Matthew Moberg, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst with the Franklin Equity Group.

Based on California, Moberg uses a fundamental, bottom-up approach to identify companies that are delivering sustainable growth through innovation, taking advantage of new technologies, and benefitting from new industry conditions in the dynamic global economy.

The fund will target five growth pillars, each consisting of several innovation-related sub-themes: e-commerce (trade, sharing economy, transport, logistics); genomics (sequencers, diagnostics, gene editing, agriculture), intelligent machines (robotics, 3D printing, internet of things, driverless vehicles, drones), finance (e-payments, blockchain, distributed lending, alternative data), and exponential data (machine learning, cloud computing, data analytics, augmented and virtual reality).

The fund may invest in companies from any economic sector and of any market capitalization. While it has a global mandate, the ETF is expected to be substantially invested in US-listed firms.

Duane Green, President and CEO, Franklin Templeton Canada, commented: “As innovation continues to drive wealth creation in the economy, our innovation fund uses active management to navigate the complexities of investing in emerging breakthroughs and technologies. Leveraging the more than 50-year history of this strategy and the strong investment success of portfolio manager Matthew Moberg and the Franklin Equity Group based near Silicon Valley, Canadian investors can now access this innovation investment expertise in an ETF.”

Matthew Moberg added: “Comprehensive research and active management are key factors in identifying and investing in technologies and ideas that we believe are poised to generate economic value and growth potential for our investors in the near future and beyond.”

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