Fourteen new ETFs listed on London Stock Exchange in June 2017

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Fourteen new ETFs were listed on London Stock Exchange in June 2017, bringing the total number of ETFs or ETPs listed on the exchange to 912 and 457 respectively.

Fourteen new ETFs list on London Stock Exchange in June 2017

As of the end of June 2017 there were 912 ETFs and 457 ETPs listed in London.

Amundi had a busy month, bringing three equity and two fixed income ETFs to London in June. The Amundi MSCI North America UCITS ETF (NRAM), Amundi MSCI World UCITS ETF (MWRD) and Amundi FTSE EPRA NAREIT Global UCITS ETF (EPRA) provide exposure to US and global stocks, and the global real estate market respectively. NRAM, MWRD, and EPRA have total expense ratios (TERs) of just 0.15%, 0.18% and 0.24% respectively.

Additionally, the Amundi Index JP Morgan GBI Global Govies UCITS ETF (GGOV) and Amundi Index Barclays Global AGG 500M UCITS ETF (GGAG) track indices which provide global exposure to government bonds and come with TERs of 0.20% each.

UBS launched two equity ETFs, the UBS MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan UCITS ETF (UC48) and UBS MSCI Europe UCITS ETF (hedged to GBP) ETF (ubeu), providing investors access to Asia ex-Japan equities and currency-hedged exposure to European stocks with price tags of 0.37% and 0.30% respectively. They also launched the UBS Bloomberg Commodity CMCI UCITS ETF (BCCU), a commodity ETF which provides exposure to a broad commodity basket with a daily futures rolling mechanism. BCCU costs 0.37% in total fees.

Deutsche Asset Management expanded its emerging market offering in London. The DB Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets Index UCITS ETF (XMME) directly replicates the MSCI Emerging Markets Index to provide investors with emerging market exposure for just 0.20% TER.

Lyxor listed two smart-beta offerings, the Lyxor FTSE UK Quality Low Vol Dividend ETF (DOSH) and Lyxor FTSE US Quality Low Vol Dividend ETF (DIVO), allowing investors to target quality, low-volatility and dividend factor exposures in UK and US equities. Both funds have TERs of 0.19%.

iShares brought three equity ETFs to London this month. The iShares MSCI Europe Mid Cap UCITS ETF (EUMD) enables investors to access growth opportunities in European mid-cap stocks for a cost of 0.15%. The iShares MSCI Europe Quality Dividend UCITS ETF (EQDV) and iShares MSCI World Quality Dividend UCITS ETF (WQDV) extends iShares’ smart-beta offerings in London, providing access to European and global equities with stable dividends. EQDV and WQDV have TERs of 0.28% and 0.38%.

Total on-exchange value traded for ETFs and other ETPs in June 2017 was £26.1 billion, down by 24% compared to June 2016. Total on-exchange value traded for ETFs and other ETPs year-to-date was £163.6bn, up by 8% compared to 2016.

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