ETF Securities cross-lists ‘disruptive technology’ ETFs onto Xetra

Feb 7th, 2018 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

ETF Securities‘ three recently launched ‘disruptive technology’ ETFs have been cross-listed onto Deutsche Börse’s Xetra platform.

ETF Securities launches three technology-focused ETFs

ETF Securities has rolled out its ‘disruptive technology’ ETFs in Germany.

The three thematic equity ETFs provide investors with exposure to the performance of niche segments of the e-commerce, pharma and energy-storage-technology sectors.

They were initially listed on the London Stock Exchange in January.

ETFS Ecommerce Logistics GO UCITS ETF (ECOM LN) tracks the Solactive Ecommerce Logistics Index, which follows the performance of logistics service providers and technology companies who are engaged in e-commerce, across various equity markets. Ocado and Amazon are the top two constituents and together represent roughly 10% of the index. 

ETFS Pharma Breakthrough GO UCITS ETF (BIOT LN) tracks the Solactive Biotechnology Breakthrough Value Index NTRwhich follows companies that are actively engaged in the research, development and/or manufacturing of “orphan drugs”. An orphan drug is a pharmaceutical product that has been developed specifically to treat rare diseases or disorders. Spectrum Pharmaceuticals is the biggest holding at nearly 7%. 

ETFS Battery Value-Chain GO UCITS ETF (BATT LN) tracks the Solactive Battery Value-Chain Indexwhich follows companies that provide certain electro-chemical energy storage technologies and mining companies that produce metals used to manufacture batteries. Orocobre has the highest weighting in the index at 4.8%, followed by Tesla at 4.2%. 

The underlying currency for all three ETFs is USD, and all have an total expense ratio of 0.75% per annum.

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