Deutsche unveils new ‘Xtrackers’ branding for ETFs

May 9th, 2017 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Deutsche Asset Management has harmonised its suites of UCITS-compliant exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded commodities under a collective ‘Xtrackers’ branding, replacing the existing ‘db X-trackers’ and ‘db-X’ branding used for ETFs and ETCs respectively.

Reinhard Bellet, Deutsche AM’s head of passive asset management

Reinhard Bellet, Deutsche AM’s head of passive asset management.

According to Deutsche AM, “With the index tracking industry now far bigger than when Deutsche AM’s first ETFs launched 10 years ago, and with thousands of products competing for investor attention, it was felt that a single, coherent product name reflecting the qualities of Deutsche AM’s index tracking products would be easier and more memorable for clients to experience.”

Reinhard Bellet, Deutsche AM’s head of passive asset management, said: “Our business is the provision of efficient index tracking solutions, and this branding initiative encapsulates that focus. In marketing terms it will create a more coherent, distinctive product suite that investors will immediately recognise.”

The rebrand is the latest development by Deutsche AM’s passive platform aimed at broadening the investor base. The firm will be aiming to maintain its current success in attracting new client assets; year-to-date, Deutsche AM has registered over €2.7 billion of inflows into its ETFs and ETCs (Data as of 24 April 2017).

Other past initiatives aligned with this strategic goal included transforming several synthetic products into direct, physical ETFs and introducing a range of low-cost core ETFs – equities and fixed income funds designed as foundational building blocks in investors’ portfolios.

The roll out of the new branding will take place over the next nine months subject to necessary regulatory approvals. The change will initially only alter marketing materials and will not impact the umbrella company names issuing fund shares. Any subsequent changes to operating company names will be announced to shareholders should they take place and in due course.

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