Deutsche Bank expands online investment platform with robo-advisor service

Dec 10th, 2015 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Deutsche Bank, the German bank behind the db X-trackers range of exchange-traded funds, is expanding its online investment platform, maxblue, to include the AnlageFinder robo-advisor.

Deutsche Bank expands online investment platform with robo-advisor service

Deutsche Bank’s new robo-advisor service offers a straightforward means for new investors to build a portfolio tailored to their specific needs.

The robo-advisor uses algorithms to put together individual portfolios for investors who are looking to make investment decisions without taking advantage of advisory services. Targeted at experienced and first-time investors in equities, it informs clients of potential investment related risks, such as an excessive focus on certain sectors, and highlights investment alternatives.

Young technology-savvy investors have been embracing the robo-advice services of firms such as Wealthfront, Personal Capital and Betterment in the US for years. While the industry is still in its infancy in Europe, moves such as this from Deutsche Bank indicate this will not be the case for long.

The system makes it easy for first-time investors in equities to get started. “With our AnlageFinder robo-advisor, clients can professionally put together their portfolios and optimise their investment outcomes with just a few clicks,” said Markus Pertlwieser, Chief Operating Officer, Private & Business Clients, at Deutsche Bank. “AnlageFinder provides clients with extensive support in making investment decisions with the help of tutorials and comprehensive financial market information. This investment tool helps Deutsche Bank position itself for the digital natives among its clients who are keen on seizing the opportunities offered by capital markets.”

The investment process consists of just a few steps, the first of which is settling key questions such as investment objectives, terms and risk appetite. Based on the client’s personal opportunity/risk profile, AnlageFinder comes up with a customised asset allocation in the second part of the process. Clients are then free to use this asset allocation in their investment or change it as they see fit. This gives clients the opportunity to rule out certain asset classes, for example. When this happens, the robo-advisor rounds out the portfolio with new investment recommendations.

AnlageFinder offers a selection of securities in the respective asset class based on criteria selected by the client, such as rating, product costs and performance. Those asset classes may include actively managed investment funds as well as passively managed exchange-traded funds. As part of the individualised portfolio composition, the tool notifies clients if their allocation focuses too much on certain sectors, for example. In the final step, clients can use maxblue to place securities orders.

The tool is free for Deutsche Bank’s maxblue clients and was developed in cooperation with the fintech company fincite.

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