CI Global unveils blockchain and metaverse thematic ETFs on TSX

May 12th, 2022 | By | Category: Equities

CI Global Asset Management has launched two new thematic equity ETFs in Canada targeting the digital megatrends of blockchain technology and the metaverse.

Roy Ratnavel, Executive Vice-President and Head of Distribution at CI Global Asset Management

Roy Ratnavel, Executive Vice-President and Head of Distribution at CI Global Asset Management.

The CI Galaxy Blockchain ETF (CBCX CN) and CI Galaxy Metaverse ETF (CMVX CN) have been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Each ETF comes with a management fee of 0.50%.

Commenting on the launches, Roy Ratnavel, Executive Vice-President and Head of Distribution at CI Global Asset Management, said: “Blockchain and the metaverse are two extraordinarily powerful trends that are set to dramatically change our society and how we do business.

“Our ETFs provide investors with low-cost, convenient, and diversified exposure to the growth potential of these rapidly developing, leading-edge sectors.”

Blockchain technology

A blockchain is a decentralized, immutable ledger facilitating transparent and secure transactions. The technology is being adopted by a growing range of industries, as well as forming the backbone of the emerging digital assets ecosystem.

The CI Galaxy Blockchain ETF gains its exposure to the blockchain technology theme by tracking the Alerian Galaxy Global Cryptocurrency-Focused Blockchain Equity Hedged to CAD Dollars Index.

The index screens a global universe of stocks for firms that are primarily engaged in developing the blockchain ecosystem. Specific sectors targeted by the index include cryptocurrency miners and buyers, providers of cryptocurrency mining equipment, and firms offering cryptocurrency exchange, custody, and transfer services.

Foreign currency exposure is hedged relative to the Canadian dollar.


The metaverse is an immersive, interactive digital universe made possible by advancements in the internet and virtual and augmented reality. It promises to transform how people interact, work, and play, presenting notable opportunities for investors.

The CI Galaxy Metaverse ETF is linked to the Alerian Galaxy Immersive Digital Worlds Hedged to CAD Dollars Index.

The index also begins with a global universe of companies, selecting firms that are operating in metaverse-related industries such as augmented and virtual reality, connectivity, gaming and entertainment, digital payments, and social media.

Foreign currency exposure is also hedged back to the Canadian dollar.

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