Bloomberg adds ETF list trading to RFQ service

Feb 9th, 2023 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

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Bloomberg has unveiled ETF list trading capabilities via its Request for Quote (RFQ) service, enabling clients to trade multiple ETFs with a single click.

Paul Kaplan, Global Head of Equities, Credit, and Price Transparency at Bloomberg

Paul Kaplan, Global Head of Equities, Credit, and Price Transparency at Bloomberg.

The offering is fully integrated with Bloomberg’s equities execution management system (EMSX), providing seamless integration into existing client workflows.

Bloomberg’s RFQ service is operated by affiliates across Europe, the US, and APAC. It aims to provide clients with superior pricing and liquidity across ETFs by including more than 100 liquidity providers.

Utilizing Bloomberg’s price transparency tools, clients can compare quotes from multiple sources to ensure they are trading at the best available price. Clients are also able to minimize information leakage by opting for a two-way quote.

Paul Kaplan, Global Head of Equities, Credit, and Price Transparency at Bloomberg, commented: “Enhancing the RFQe workflow to include list trading via BOLT brings greater efficiency to ETF trading on Bloomberg. We provide clients with access to deep liquidity and a holistic ETF solution that is fully integrated with other Bloomberg solutions across news, data, pre- and post-trade data analysis, and communication tools. We’re focused on continuing to deliver solutions that enrich workflows and the overall trading experience.”

Michael Miles, Manager, TD Ameritrade Block Desk, added: “The ability to trade multiple ETFs in one ticket and in a single click minimizes the time to trade, reduces system latency, and improves trading efficiency across the trading desk. Optimizing workflows by the introduction of tools like list trading supports our focus on remaining competitive in a dynamic market.”

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