BlackRock unveils MyMap active multi-asset portfolios built with ETFs

May 29th, 2019 | By | Category: Alternatives / Multi-Asset

BlackRock has launched a range of actively managed multi-asset portfolios, branded MyMap, which are built exclusively using iShares ETFs and passive index funds.

BlackRock launches suite of active portfolios built with ETFs

Pollyanna Harper, Head of Intermediary Sales UK at iShares.

The range has debuted with four portfolios which cater to different risk appetites by targeting defined volatility bands.

The portfolios include equity, fixed income, alternatives (gold and real estate), and cash asset classes.

Pollyanna Harper, Head of iShares UK Intermediary Sales at BlackRock, commented, “With increasing emphasis on individuals to take control of their finances themselves, it’s vital they have access to simple, accessible products which allow them to feel more in control.

“The MyMap range offers investors a solution that allows them to focus on their future – ‘where’ they want to get to – with the confidence that our expertise will take care of ‘how’ they get there.”

Each portfolio comes with an ongoing charges figure (OCF) of just 0.17% which includes the cost of owning the underlying ETFs and passive funds held in the portfolio. This charges are 5 basis points cheaper than Vanguard’s LifeStrategy range which levies an ongoing charge of 0.22%.

The initial asset allocation and target five-year annualized volatility of each MyMap portfolio are outlined in the table below.

Source: BlackRock.

The portfolios are denominated in pound sterling and scheduled to be rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

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