BetaShares to launch four asset allocation ETFs

Nov 26th, 2019 | By | Category: Alternatives / Multi-Asset

Syndey-based ETF issuer BetaShares has announced the upcoming launch of a range of actively managed asset allocation ETFs.

BetaShares to launch asset allocation ETFs

BetaShares Diversified ETFs will provide ready-made portfolios in a single trade.

The range, branded BetaShares Diversified ETFs, will consist of four low-cost, multi-asset investment portfolios

They will be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

By investing in a BetaShares Diversified ETF, investors will be able to obtain access to a ready-made portfolio of stocks, property securities, bonds and cash in a single trade.

The funds will be structured as ETFs of ETFs investing in a mix of BetaShares’ own products, as well as ETFs of third-party issuers in Australia or overseas.

Each BetaShares Diversified ETF will target a specific risk tolerance bucket, from ‘Conservative’ to ‘High Growth’, with varying allocations to defensive (bonds and cash) and growth (stocks and property securities) assets:

BetaShares Diversified Conservative Income ETF (DZZF AU) 25% growth, 75% defensive
BetaShares Diversified Balanced ETF (DBBF AU) 50% growth, 50% defensive
BetaShares Diversified Growth ETF (DGGF AU) 70% growth, 30% defensive
BetaShares Diversified High Growth ETF (DHHF AU) 90% growth, 10% defensive

The asset allocation and underlying exposures of the ETFs will be reviewed regularly by the BetaShares investment committee and rebalanced periodically to ensure they remain consistent with their target allocations and risk profiles.

The ETFs will be launched with a management fee of 0.26%, which, as things stand, would make them the lowest fee diversified ETFs currently available in Australia.

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