BetaShares launches global ex-Australia equity ETF

May 18th, 2023 | By | Category: Equities

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Aussie ETF provider BetaShares has launched a new ETF providing low-cost, core exposure to a globally diversified portfolio of developed market equities.

BetaShares launches global ex-Australia equity ETF

The ETF serves as a low-cost portfolio building block for global equities exposure.

The BetaShares Global Shares ETF (BGBL AU) has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, coming to market with approximately A$60 million in initial assets.

The fund comes with a management fee of just 0.08%, and distributions are made to investors at least annually.

The ETF is linked to the Solactive GBS Developed Markets ex Australia Large & Mid Cap Index which consists of large and mid-cap stocks from more than 20 developed market countries, excluding Australia.

The approximately 1,500 constituents in the index are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization and rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

The fund is designed as a cost-effective solution for Australian investors who wish to diversify their local investments globally and across a wide range of sectors, many of which are under-represented in the Australian stock market.

Over two-thirds (69.8%) of the index is currently dedicated to US-listed stocks with the next-largest country exposures being Japan (7.2%), the UK (3.6%), Canada (3.5%), and France (2.8%).

Information technology stocks make up a fifth (20.6%) of the index weight followed by the financials (14.4%), health care (13.8%), industrials (11.0%), and consumer discretionary (10.8%) sectors.

Notable positions included Apple (5.0%), Microsoft (4.5%), Alphabet (2.3%), Amazon (1.9%), and Nvidia (1.3%).

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