Belpointe launches actively managed tactical income ETF

Jun 17th, 2019 | By | Category: Alternatives / Multi-Asset

Belpointe Asset Management has launched an actively managed multi-asset ETF – the Belpointe Tactical Income ETF (TBND US) – that seeks to deliver a high return by investing in a range of income-producing securities.

Tuttle launches actively managed tactical income ETF

The fund seeks to provide a total return by investing in a range of income-producing securities.

The fund has been listed on NYSE Arca and is sub-advised by Tuttle Tactical Management.

The fund is an ETF-of-ETFs, meaning it gains its exposure by investing in other ETFs.

The fund will invest in ETFs that primarily invest in fixed income securities, REITs, MLPs, dividend-paying equity stocks, and ETNs.

The fund employs several tactical models that combine both fundamental and trend-following analysis to determine its tactical allocation.

When the outlook for markets is positive, the fund will invest in a combination of ETFs providing exposure to some or all of the above asset classes.

When the outlook is unfavourable, the fund will increase its exposure to money market funds or other cash equivalents. It may also hold ETFs that provide the inverse return on high-yield bonds, US Treasuries, REITs, MLPs, or dividend stocks in a bid to profit from downturns in these markets.

The ETF comes with a hefty price tag of 1.59%.

The launch represents a return to the ETF industry for Tuttle which used to manage two active ETFs – the Tuttle Tactical Management US Core ETF and Tuttle Tactical Management Multi-Strategy Income ETF. These funds closed in 2017.

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