BCA Research introduces ETF analytics product

Jan 9th, 2017 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

Canada-headquartered investment research firm BCA Research has launched Global ETF Strategy, a new service that harnesses its thematic top-down macro research to provide greater analysis of a wide range of US-listed ETFs in terms of cost, liquidity, and efficiency, as well as portfolio risk profile.

BCA Research introduces ETF analytics product

BCA Research’s Global ETF Strategy seeks to analyze approximately 2,000 US-listed ETFs on metrics such as liquidity, cost and efficiency, as well as portfolio risk profiles.

Bashar AL-Rehany, CEO of BCA Research, commented: “The most common questions our clients ask us, is ‘Which ETF would you recommend to action this particular view in the market?’. Global ETF Strategy is our answer, helping map BCA’s macro views to specific ETF recommendations.

Initially covering nearly 2,000 US-listed ETFs, the service combines in-depth, unbiased research with a data-driven platform to identify and analyze ETFs in detail.

“We have seen a strong demand from the global investment management community for hybrid research offerings, which combine BCA’s proven expertise in research and analysis with big data algorithms and analytics. The ETF Strategy, as well as our research platform Edge, answer that demand by helping investors better understand markets, and make better investment decisions.”

Led by Doug Peta, BCA’s Chief Strategist, Global ETF Strategy provides detailed analysis of ETFs, combining proprietary analytics with feature and fundamental data. Proprietary risk scores are calculated for each ETF, across all asset classes, helping investors weigh potential portfolio components’ risk.

Equity ETFs are ranked and scored using the firm’s proprietary stock scoring algorithm (used in BCA’s Equity Trading Strategy platform), developed over 15 years and combining over 20 factors.

Helping with asset allocation and building balanced ETF portfolios, BCA also provides a set of model portfolios as well as the BCA 200, an evolving list of the ETFs representing core portfolio building blocks. They are filtered from the overall universe using liquidity, cost and efficiency filters at the individual fund level. The model portfolios translate BCA’s macro investment themes into balanced allocations of actionable ETF positions.

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