BATS Global Markets welcomes WisdomTree ETFs to exchange

Nov 2nd, 2015 | By | Category: ETF and Index News

BATS Global Markets (BATS), a leading US-based exchange for the trading of exchange-traded funds, has announced that three new ETFs from WisdomTree, a leading ETF sponsor, have begun trading on BATS Exchange.

BATS Global Markets welcome WisdomTree with three ETF listings

With WisdomTree BATS has broadened the range of ETF issuers who have listed on their exchange.

The WisdomTree Europe Local Recovery Fund (EZR), the WisdomTree Strong Dollar Emerging Markets Equity Fund (EMSD) and the WisdomTree Global ex-US Hedged Real Estate Fund (HDRW) are the first listings WisdomTree has made with the Kansas-headquartered exchange and marks another milestone in BATS’s journey to become the premier listing venue for ETFs.

“As a global leader in the ETF industry, WisdomTree has a track record of creating successful products that span asset classes and help investors around the globe meet their investment goals,” said Bryan Harkins, Executive Vice President and Head of US Markets at BATS. “We are excited about the continued momentum of our ETF listings business and we are proud to partner with an innovative thought-leader like WisdomTree.”

BATS ranks as the top exchange operator for ETF trading with the US BATS Exchanges – BYX, BZX, EGDA, EDGX – executing 28.2% of all ETF trading in September. BATS has been the number one US market for ETF trading for every month of 2015.

Laura Morrison, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Exchange-Traded Products at BATS added, “We are excited WisdomTree has selected BATS as the listing venue for these three new ETFs and we look forward to a strong relationship. Through our innovative market maker and issuer incentive programs, we are focused on making markets better for today’s ETF issuers.”

BATS has been making a concerted effort to foster the growth and quality of ETF trading on their exchange. In October, they launched the BATS ETF Marketplace, an exchange specifically designed for the listing and trading of ETPs, underscoring the company’s commitment to the listing and trading of these products. Alongside this, BATS introduced the innovative BATS ETF Issuer Incentive and BATS Lead Market Maker programs. The BATS Issuer Incentive program allows issuers to benefit from listing on BATS by receiving an annual payment for each BATS listing exceeding consolidated average daily volume of one million shares per day. The BATS Lead Market Maker program incentivises market makers for their participation in BATS-listed ETFs, earning larger incentives for providing liquidity.

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