Accelerate launches diversified alternatives ETF

Nov 25th, 2020 | By | Category: Alternatives / Multi-Asset

Accelerate Financial Technologies has launched a new actively managed ETF in Canada providing diversified exposure to multiple alternative investment strategies.

Julian Klymochko, Founder and CEO of Accelerate

Julian Klymochko, Founder and CEO of Accelerate Financial Technologies.

The Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (ONEC CN) has listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and is managed by Julian Klymochko, Founder and CEO of Accelerate Financial Technologies.

Klymochko has over ten years of experience managing alternative strategies and has achieved several career highlights including a BarclayHedge top 10 global performance award, a top 10 Preqin global ranking, and a 1st place ranking from the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards.

Klymochko said: “In 2020, we have seen bond yields hit all-time lows and equity volatility hit an all-time high. With this backdrop, many investors are searching for uncorrelated returns outside of the traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.

“The Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF provides investors with a diversified portfolio of alternative asset classes in an easy-to-use ETF.”

The fund targets the following alternative strategies: absolute return (arbitrage and long-short equity); global macro (risk parity), private credit (mortgages and leveraged loans); real assets (infrastructure and real estate); and alternative currencies (gold and bitcoin).

The ETF gains these exposures by investing in Accelerate’s existing alternative strategy funds as well as third-party ETFs.

The investment process begins with a detailed review of capital markets and the economic environment to form an outlook for each asset class and alternative strategy. Accounting for the correlations between alternative strategies, the portfolio is then constructed in order to optimize expected returns for a given level of risk. Real-time monitoring of capital markets serves to keep the portfolio on track with its long-term goal.

The ETF comes with a management fee of 0.20%; however, investors will also bear the costs of the underlying funds acquired in the portfolio. Accelerate’s alternative strategy funds come with a variety of fee structures including a flat management fee of 0.95% or a performance fee, typically 15% to 20%, on benchmark-beating returns above a high watermark.

Accelerate made its ETF debut in May 2019 with the introduction of three alternative strategy funds.

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